High-quality Interior And Closer Look At The Past

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High-quality interior – what is trendy this year?

2016, we experienced a real comeback of vintage motifs in the used textiles. Again, we had items like books clad in leather or nostalgic upholstered furniture. This trend will continue in 2017, but it be individual eras precisely recorded and used in the interior design.

High-quality interior – what patterns lie in the trend?

interior design ideas wanddesign ideas wallpaper ornaments tulips tischdeko

The styles of the 30s, 40s and 50s occur more often individually, as that one creates an eclectic mix of these. It happen patterns bold colors and exuberant Art Nouveau. While the clear reference to the present by individual aspects as well as never-before work.


The contrasts dominate in the following 12 months and you get to feel particularly strong in relation to the pattern.

Large-sized furniture used in glamorous shades along with black traditional pieces. You can combine brass, gold and polished metals inside of an Interior.

High-quality interior design – unusual Dekovasen metal embellish the ambience of an elegant way

interior design ideas dekoideen dekovasen metal

An impressive chandelier made of brass in the hallway hang

furnishing ideas chandelier brass black stair treads Red Chair

Some high-quality interiors mate with rough processed linen velvet leather. The solutions have a bold, but at the same time sensitive charisma. The selected textiles is very often presented in their natural beauty. Dyeing and processing is reduced to the minimum.

Blue living room sofa velvet looks great next to this colored carpet

high-quality interior design living ideas living room blue sofa colored carpet

Finally, high quality and elaborated by hand accessories are another characteristic of the trends of 2017. Accessories and even some high-quality accessories, North African and Indian motifs are cannot be overlooked. You will be surprised how universally they prove in practice.

Along with experience in its full diversity

A few times we mentioned already velvet. Now put it at this point clearly: along with the interiors dominated 2017 very strongly. Designers demonstrate this fabric in a wide variety of colors. There are high-quality interiors, where almost only this fabric comes in. Smooth transition, as well as strong contrasts can thus gain are.

Chic living room sofa in blue

interior design ideas living room Setup ideas blue sofa white sofa table plant strips carpet

Cleverly combining colors

interior design ideas living room sofa velvet dark blue dekoideen

Neutral colors to create a natural atmosphere

furnishing ideas home ideas living room together with trendy chic

Pattern on the tile

The eye-catching colorful patterns and textiles dominate 2017 in the kitchen and bathroom design. Like Flash accents with patterned tiles. You can include only one color or abundant flower pattern.

Secrete areas by various bathroom tiles

high-quality interior design bathroom ideas bathroom tile patterns separate areas

At the same time, we observe the strong tolerance for dark colors in these spaces. It is difficult to determine whether the Flash patterns have contributed to introducing often occurring or vice versa.

Exotic and colorful trends

Here are some key trends in the patterns and textures

Ideas on how to make the living room an exotic flair

high-quality interior design living room exotic broadcasting

Art Deco coming into play this year. The pattern typical for this style used by wallpaper and statement-lighting in the scene.

Art Deco ideas for the living room

furnishing ideas home ideas living room art deco style plant

For the lovers of the exotic, modern coloured animal patterns are there. They are inspired by the jungle and the pictorial representation is located somewhere between the completely abstract and naive.

Leopard print and gold color are a great combination

high-quality interior design living room animal dekokissen pillowcases vintage coffee table

Stylish ideas for the living room decorated in neutral tones and with animal patterns

interior design ideas living room Setup ideas zebra pattern stool

Finally, you can enliven the atmosphere in your interior by cacti and Succulents. Try to establish a correspondence between these and the used patterns and colors.

Refresh the ambience of cacti and Succulents

high-quality interior succulent dekoideen living ideas

Fresh decorating with plants

high-quality interior design dekoideen plant succulent

Creative decorating

high-quality interior housing ideas planting dekoideen

Fancy interior design ideas in art deco style

furnishing ideas home ideas kitchen art deco stripes rug

Interior design ideas living room with blue accents

furnishing ideas home ideas living room glass table dekoideen

Set up the hallway in Golden colors

furnishing ideas home ideas hallway bench seat gray wall color

Decor in trendy colours

interior design ideas dekoideen golden white black home ideas Decorating

Modern ideas on how you combined patterns and colors

furnishing ideas home ideas living room Golden accents Chair pattern

Subtle accents of brass

interior design ideas bathroom accents make brass

Emphasize the zebra pattern by Rosa

high-quality interior design bedroom set ideas zebra pattern

Decorate the entrance with Succulents

high-quality interior decorating succulent input

Fur carpet and subtle patterns

high-quality interior carpet pattern zebra elegant home design ideas

The zebra rug on the foreground bring floral cushion

high-quality interior design living ideas living room zebra carpet flower pattern dekokissen

Bathroom tiles for the floor

set interior design ideas bathroom ideas flooring

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