Home Furnishings Ideas In The Greek And Roman Ancient Style

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Home furnishings ideas reflecting the Greek and Roman ancient style

We all know that the roots of European art and culture in ancient Rome and Greece are to look for. Partially, we recognize that they are still important for many aspects of our lives.

Home furnishings ideas with an antique flair

residential interior design ideas bathroom ideas wall decoration light Roman style tiles

We write a bit more about their influence on interior design today. The characters of the ancient design arrived in our modern times, because they are an integral part of many music styles.

The antique-style interior design ideas be considered comprehensive in some places, as absolute.

They influence everything from the overall structure to the smallest details. But there are also other variants, in which only a few elements in conjunction with an otherwise very different style will be introduced.

Home furnishings ideas for a stylish interior design in the Greek and Roman style

residential interior design ideas dining area-Roman style

Living room wall decoration in antique style

residential interior design ideas living room Roman style wall decoration

The basic principles of the apartment design in antique-style

The antique style furniture is suitable for larger premises with high ceilings. It uses straight lines and rational arrangement. One seeks a harmonious appearance and consistency, despite the emphasis on individual details.

Bright bathroom design in the Roman style

interior bathroom ceramic tiles Roman style

Many items from ceramics, statuettes, and textiles are used in interior design. You can combine imagination and ideas of your own. It is however important, everything down to the last detail is well planned.


The color palette of the ancient style corresponds to the materials which are used there. These are stone, wood, metal and other natural materials. It also refined nuances happen, which adorned the walls of the ancient houses – silver, white, ivory, olive, bronze, Brown. Many contrasts come in use. The combination of black and white, light beige and Brown, ivory with green or red is typical of the antique furnishings. To use colors, which are typical for the wood design.

Luxurious bathroom tiles create a noble feeling, which is reminiscent of the ancient world

residential interior design ideas bathroom design Roman style

Materials and wall finish

The ancient Greeks and Romans had the texture of raw wood and stone coming into its own. This philosophy is characterised by the equipment of many modern luxury homes.

However, you can use also processed materials for the modern interior design ideas with antique flair. Gypsum and polyurethane are especially suitable.

Rather use ceramic tiles or natural stone wall processing.


The antique furniture have been elaborated from wood and they showed a pretty lakonisches design. Usually a round table served as an accent in the interior design with a curved base in the form of paw of a lion. The table top was usually made of glass or marble.

Living room furniture with columns

home furnishing ideas Roman style living area make

Benches, chairs and stools have simple shapes. You can be provided with carved elements or metal reliefs.

According to many historians, the covering of furniture with textiles started in ancient times. Natural textiles are in neutral shades used.

Often elements of the architecture were used in furniture design. There were columns and various statuettes.

The lighting

The wide and large window secured plenty of natural light in the antique House. If you want to give a truly authentic atmosphere, then you can light evening torch. Even the lights in the form of shells are typical.


The decoration in the ancient interior design may not meet much space. For this, each individual item should be selected very carefully. It must have its own special meaning. Ceramic in the form of clay bowls is very fitting. You should be covered with picturesquely presented subjects, depicting the ancient world.

The ancient goddesses are important for decoration. You can be presented picturesquely and sculptural in the interior design.

Bathroom tile with decoration

interior bathroom ideas badezimemrfliesen dekoideen Roman style

Beautiful flooring in the kitchen

interior flooring ceramic tiles

Dress up the small bathroom with tiles in Roman style

interior bathroom bathroom tiles Roman style

Mosaic tiles combined with medium-sized tiles in the bathroom

home furnishing ideas wall tiles bathroom tiles, bath mosaic

Only partially dress the walls with tiles

home furnishing ideas wall tiles bathroom Roman style

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