Home Furnishings Ideas With Wall Covering Made Of Concrete And Its Imitations

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Use home furnishings ideas – concrete and its imitations for the modern wall design

Many interior designers are of the opinion that currently the concrete occupies one of leading positions in the Interior. Famously, this material takes a wider usage in industrial design. For the residential interior design ideas, he gets but also an increasing popularity. It is especially striking that there are very many different forms of processing of the concrete. You have this material appear very varied.

Home furnishings ideas with concrete

home furnishing ideas concrete walls living room bright furniture

Home furnishings ideas – wall design with concrete

wanddesign living room set up white accents Brown carpet

Real concrete

Decoration made of real concrete is a very complex matter. That’s why this material especially in the first stages of construction is used. The bare concrete walls can be used depending on the run very well in the decoration. Their rough, but at the same time stylish character stresses very strongly when combined with wood.

Concrete walls give the room a unique look

home furnishing ideas concrete blatant accents living ideas living room

Plaster, imitating concrete

If you have not released from the beginning to the concrete walls, it is quite difficult to introduce this material then in the Interior. If you still want to enjoy its aesthetics, you can select certain materials which imitate his vision. You can particularly accentuate that certain areas and quite easily replace the rough concrete aesthetics against another solution.

The concrete look gives the rooms a chic appearance

wanddesign living room concrete look beautiful wanddeko grey carpet

There are several variations of plaster, which imitate the concrete. Here are some variants of this.

Plaster of lime, which looks like concrete

The wall painting of lime used in the interior design for a very long time. He is strongly preferred for its eco-friendly properties. The lime shows strong resistance to bacteria and has at the same time so very healthy properties. This is a very good option if you have allergy-free household.

concrete and his imitations are an elegant solution for the living room walls

wanddesign living room chic corner sofa colored carpet

Lime marble plaster

Mixed plaster made of lime and marble is the classy version of lime paint.  Its surface can be matte, semi matte or gleaming.

Thus you can create not only a very good imitation of the concrete, but you make also a very practical decision. This material fits very well to the bathroom and other rooms with high humidity.

Concrete look in bright colours

home furnishing ideas concrete walls living room

Concrete look and chic furnishings create a beautiful living room design

wanddesign concrete walls living room ideas set

The technology concrete Cire

This technology combines the real concrete with synthetic resins. His look attracts with its beautiful surface and shows a very characteristic appearance.

The technology of “Concrete Cire” is very universal in terms of its manifestations and goes well with any room.

Picturesque concrete imitation or wallpaper are some additional ways that you can bring home the aesthetics of this material. They have a large margin between the more or less realistic appearances and can continue to decide between more or less harsh solutions.

White concrete walls will make the room appear spacious and stylish

wanddesign living room wall decoration-white furniture dekokissen black candles

Make the living room in neutral colors

wanddesign residential ideas living room concrete walls striped carpet

The bedroom wall of concrete is a cool accent in the room

wanddesign bedroom set up concrete walls panoramic window

Dark concrete wall as an accent in the living area

wanddesign living room accent wall concrete dark fireplace

The wall and ceiling design match

wanddesign living room concrete walls bücherdeko

Combine neutral colors in the living room

wanddesign living room open living plan concrete accents

Concrete can also act as accents in the room

wanddesign living room open living plan concrete pillars wooden floor

Concrete columns and concrete ceiling allow the wall color in the living room nice come

residential interior design ideas living room wood floor elegant carpet

Concrete and gray furniture are a fitting combination

home furnishing ideas concrete grey furniture wooden floor

Concrete walls can certainly do the open living plan

home furnishing ideas concrete walls open living plan

Make a white sofa in front of the concrete wall

residential interior design ideas living room Setup ideas white carpet of wanddeko TV

Bright living room with accent wall made of concrete

wall design ideas living room white concrete walls white sofa wanddeko

Spice up the white concrete walls with coloured textiles

residential interior design ideas living room set concrete colored carpet white

Make modern living room with concrete walls

residential interior design ideas living room wall decoration concrete walls

Concrete in modern interior design

wall design ideas concrete walls plant living ideas interior design

The concrete walls with vintage jazz up carpets

wall design ideas vintage concrete walls living room carpets

Trends with concrete in the kitchen

wall design ideas kitchen eirichten concrete

Beautiful combination of concrete, stairs and pendant luminaires

wall design ideas living room concrete walls indoor stairs

Decorate the concrete wall with gold accents

wall design ideas schlafzimemr concrete wall accents

Create a cool bedroom design

wall design ideas bedroom concrete walls dark flooring

Concrete walls with a nice look

wall design ideas bedroom concrete walls black wardrobe light flooring

Concrete walls create an industrial touch the living room

wall design ideas home ideas living room chandelier concrete walls

Bedroom with concrete walls have a masculine look

wall design ideas bedroom concrete walls male design

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