Home Furnishings In The Spanish Colonial Style – How It Works!

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Home furnishings in the Spanish colonial style – a few installation examples

You can set up your House or apartment in the Spanish colonial style and stay at the same time far from the clichés. Designers to prove that again. Let’s a get to know travel through innovative apartment design in the Spanish colonial style.

Home furnishing – interior design ideas for the living room in the Spanish colonial style

living ideas living room Spanish colonial-style carpet white wood floor furniture mirror

Living room with fireplace

A fireplace is not just the first element that we associate with the Spanish colonial style in conjunction. However, this could work well if you choose the clean and modern design. It would rather forego the typical mantel and make all the details from the same material.

Choose terracotta tiles with a modern look while most.

Home furnishings – fireplace: A key element in the Spanish colonial style

living ideas living room Spanish colonial-style fireplace murals

Lighten the mood with original wall decoration

The mood in the classic design of the apartment can be lightened by some original and modern elements. For example the old surf board, can be hung on ropes you a wall decoration. Choose of course matching colors and materials.

Ideas for wall decoration in the living room

living ideas living room open living plan areas of Spanish colonial pattern

Consider a matching Wall decoration consider

furniture dining area-Spanish colonial-style

Emphasize the exotic brass lanterns

Undertake a journey through the colonial territories of the Spaniard and find exotic items that serve as accents in the living room design. Brass lanterns in Morocco-style are potentially ideal to hang above the dining room table.

Modern home bar

Keep traditional everything up on the bar, which by definition should be modern. This concerns in particular the work surface, the shelves and lighting. The fronts of the cupboards can be quiet more traditional to give a suitable connection to the ambience.

Antique Flemish style

We go in the exploration of the Spanish colonial style now in northern direction. Since Flanders is notoriously heavily linked. Select one of the wooden piece of furniture in this style. Typical example are the wooden tables in oak with abundant sculptural designed legs and precious ornaments.

Interior design with many ornaments

home furnishings living ideas dining room Spanish colonial-style fireplace dekoideen

Wood and stone wall

furniture dining area stone fireplace wall candle wall mirror

Hidden retreat

To set up convenient and hidden niches as a reading area or for the day bed, is a typical oriental solution that fits very well to the Spanish colonial style. Here you should provide efficient light with an exotic metal lamp.

Vintage chairs and lanterns with exotic animal patterns

Luminaires with exotic animal elements and vintage chairs provide for extravagance and modernity in every room, including in the bedroom.

Reliefs in the bathroom

Reliefs depicting prominent Oriental landscapes would be suitable for the bathroom design. An accent area highlight this – about the front of the sink.

Bad ideas in the Spanish colonial style

home furnishings bathroom Spanish colonial-style bathroom tiles

Clever use of the roof terrace

You can cleverly use the open roof terrace and there set up a more private space. Emphasize the natural beauty of this ambience by distributing furniture with colonial style, but at the same time with simple and clear lines here.

Swing in the Loggia

The wooden swing in the loggia with ropes attached can be described as a luxury in the Oriental style. This is still a typical approach to the design of the exterior in the form of an Interior.

Channeling the beauty of the Spanish colonial style

At these and other modern designer ideas in the Spanish colonial style, it arrives on the channeling of the beauty of this design type. Is the selection of distinctive items – sculptural furniture, lamps and other accessories made of metal with animal elements, reliefs with historical panorama, etc.

Decorating and many fabric patterns

home furnishings home ideas Spanish colonial-style dekoideen fabric pattern

Continue to the selected textiles and materials play a role – can be symbolically present the flair of the colonial style.

It is important that the nature is used water, fire, air and Earth through the striking illustrate of the four elements – in scene.

And everything set up so, that your eye consistently explored the various details and the residents like a modern fairy tale with historically inspired scenario occur.

Create cosy atmosphere

living ideas living room Spanish colonial carpet pattern areas

Wood in the interior design

furniture kitchen set up ideas Spanish colonial

Interior design ideas for the kitchen

furniture kitchen set in Spanish colonial-style

Create spacious living room in bright colors

home furnishings home ideas living room Spanish colonial-style

The characteristics of the Spanish colonial style

furnishings living room Setup ideas Spanish Colonial

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