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Tips and tricks home – natural household tips, that wonderful smell in your House can be

You have a nice looking and clean home, but still not cozy and comfortable you feel in your home? Often this is because that the House smells unpleasant. To change this for the better, you need to learn not necessarily much new in the field of aromatherapy. It is already sufficient if you remember some natural products and learn to apply them for the space drink. Take enough time for the beginning, read through this article.

Home refresh budget – the air tips and tricks

household tips beautiful fragrances refresh air

Lemon and Rosemary

Make your home smell fresh and clean, by making a great mixture of Rosemary and lemon. Dip a few slices of these products into a glass, add a little more vanilla. Mix the whole thing in a well sealed glass.

When you open it, then a pleasant fragrance around you will make. Use this mixture in your apartment and still smells so good some days!

Tips and tricks household, as you prepare nice fragrance itself

tips and tricks household lemon Rosemary water mix

Keep lemon and Rosemary in a jar

tips and tricks household lemon Rosemary


The other very pleasantly scented plant is the lilac. Its flowering period is in May. But you need not necessarily the plant, but an oil from this. Mix it with water and vodka and make as a spray. You can spray the fresh aroma of lilacs in the air and everything smells clean and fresh.

Enjoy the lovely lilac scent

tips and tricks more beautiful household lilac scent

Rosemary and lavender

Often, unpleasant odor comes from the carpet. You can refresh it with a great mix of Rosemary and lavender. Mix it with water and thus make a plaster mix. You can use them for the next cleaning of the carpet.

Cleaning products and air fresheners

household tips Rosemary Lavender cleaner nicer scent

This is not only friendly and disinfectant, but the room will smell nice.

Aroma make yet homely home

household tips fresh air and beautiful scents

DIY stuffing for the fresheners

You can use the pleasant home-made mixtures to refill the empty vials of hot. You save money and have a more natural aroma in the room.

Fresheners themselves make

household tips room refresh diy flavor

Hot with cinnamon and orange

You need no incense’s home smells of cinnamon and orange. You need only water-absorbing polymers, in which you refill oils from these essences.

Ideas for hot

household tips of beautiful living ideas air refresh

Cook something delicious!

A delicious fruit bump around with cranberries and lemon, can spread also wonderful aroma. Think also of such things while you are in the kitchen.

Prepare smoothies

household smoothies prepare beautiful fragrances tips

A delightful scent spread cranberries and lemon

tipss and tricks household his fishing

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