Home Set Up – It Should Be Contemporary Or Traditional?

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Set home – tips for beginners: choose between a contemporary or traditional style!

Despite the large amount of literature on design to have difficulties to choose the suitable interior design for your home? Maybe we need to go back a step and again browse the basic rules to distinguish between the traditional and modern styles of (contemporary).  Sometimes we have defects in the base knowledge that prevent us from finding better solutions.

Apartment set – find the right décor for yourself

interior design ideas living room ideas bright spacious

You want to check with us, if you can know the main rules and distinguish well between them?

Traditional or modern?

First, make the fundamental decision whether your interior design should be traditional or modern. Perhaps you want a fusion of the two?

The decision shall be taken not only aesthetic, but also for practical criteria. If you already have several furniture, then you can use these as a starting point for your interior design.

Set home – ideas for a traditional decor of the living room

apartment living room traditional chandeliers create long curtains carpet

Luxurious interior in white

interior design ideas living room luxurious white interior

Modern living room with panoramic view

Interior ideas modern living room panoramic window

Are they traditional or modern? Would you put your style anywhere in scene or rather ensure for eclectic? Answer these questions for themselves and then we can decide what furniture is could complement your facility.

The living room cozy and modern at the same time set up

apartment living room set design ideas

Traditional kitchen set

interior design ideas dining room cuisine traditionally

Maybe you will set up your apartment completely and then the building or the environment can serve as inspiration. Do you live in a modern or historic district? There are around lots of nature or family houses to you? Depending on what for a structure you choose, you have concrete, artificial turf, or a green lawn around your House. What would you prefer?

What atmosphere do you?

The selection of the appropriate style should be even with the atmosphere in line you want in your home. The traditional styles bring basically more heat. These wood and cuddly fabrics in use come very often.

Luxurious living room with cosy charisma

interior design ideas living room design fireplace cozy luxury

The traditional decorating styles are still saturated colors.  This ensures additional vitality and comfort.

The garish shades can be absolutely typical for the modern style, but here they appear rather as effective accents.

Stylized or romantic pattern

To your interior appear more sober or romantic?  In both cases you can use patterns, but they must comply with your setting. Stylized patterns fit well to the modern premises and for the traditional, you can choose something more realistic or romantic.

Elegant patterns combine and at the same time provide comfort

apartment set up residential ideas living room wall mirror beautiful curtains

Eclectic living room design

interior design ideas home ideas living room grey corner sofa rustic coffee table hanging lamps

Different types of luxury

Luxury is differently understood in contemporary and traditional styles.  In the first case you have stricter rules to do that you should keep. The traditional Luxusstill allows no compromise and everything you use in the Interior, should be in the upper price range.

Such a chandelier fit quite well in a traditional dining room

apartment dining room set traditional fireplace

Contemporary dining room with modern lighting

interior design ideas dining area make contemporary fresh

The contemporary interior can average design with one or a few pieces of furniture, lamps or accessories, which are particularly expensive, “decorate”. So, luxury is a part of our everyday life.

A clarification of the term “modern”

Finally, we would arrive at a funny explanation of terms.  Distinguish between “Modernity” and contemporary style. In colloquial use, they are often confused and used as synonyms.  This can lead to great confusion in the selection of interior decoration and furniture. “Modern” actually refers to the style that was prevalent in the middle of the last century.

He can not be considered traditional, but he is not contemporary but rather retro. The modern décor is an extravagant solution that requires a specific setting. Access to this and other unusual variations, if you both traditional and contemporary styles not original enough.

Bright living room set up

interior design ideas modern living room beige shades

Decorate with sculptures and flowers

interior design ideas living room fireplace mirror set

Simple furniture and wooden beams

interior design ideas living room modern furniture beautiful dekokissen

Contemporary living room with fancy ceiling

interior design ideas modern living room red accents

The living room modern decorating and lighting

interior design ideas contemporary innendesign living room

Small attractive living room set up

interior design ideas modern living room accent wall dekoideen

Traditional living room with candles

interior design ideas living room traditionally white candles sofas

Emphasize the light gray walls with a black carpet

interior design ideas contemporary living room black carpet light grey walls

Separate the living room through the room ceiling

interior design ideas contemporary living room white corner sofa bookshelves

In areas share the small living room

apartment set up small living room fireplace areas

Rustic items

apartment set up modern living room light furniture wood beams

Modern living room with a suspended ceiling

apartment set up modern living room live wall beige moebel

A traditional bedroom is not only stylish, but also particularly cosy

apartment set up traditionally cosy bedroom wallpaper leather chair

A living room design that is at once chic and fresh

apartment set up floral patterns make living piano fireplace

Leather armchairs and pendant lamps give an extraordinary look the living area

apartment set up residential ideas living room corner sofa pendant light decode

Very modern and impressive interior design

apartment set up residential ideas living room pendant lighting modern lighting

Create chic living room Interior

apartment living room set elegant sofa white carpet plant

Bring color into the nursery by a strip of carpet

apartment set up children's eclectic colored accents

Elegant living room in white

apartment set up ideas living room white

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