Home Textiles – Useful Information And Practical Care Tips

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home textiles colorful colors natural fiber

What home textiles do you prefer?

In principle a distinction between those that are made of natural fibres and those that were made from man-made fibres at the home textiles. Each of the two textile types have their advantages and disadvantages. The second group is a manufacture of petroleum products, which is not always recommended. Today we focus on the most commonly used home furnishings, they give you a few useful tips. Textiles are among the natural materials in our lives. From a small map we enter into this eternal relationship between us and our clothes and home textiles. It is therefore all the more important to know a lot about these important materials.


home textiles-woven cotton stripe

We start with the Queen of textiles – cotton. This natural fibres are extracted from the seed pods of the cotton plant. The quality and also the price of the material mainly depend on the length of the fibers. The cotton is pretty tear-resistant and hard-wearing. It has the property to absorb any liquid very well. You dry but also much more difficult. Unfortunately, the cotton during washing can run significantly. That’s why you should follow exactly the instructions of the manufacturer. Usually to wash cotton as follows: for dark textiles – 40° C, for colorful – 60° C and for white up to 95° C.

Jacquard fabric

Jacquard home textiles cotton fabrics

Also the so-called Jacquard among the cotton textiles. Refers to a fabric of large, often floral patterns are woven. This substance exists only since the invention of the Jacquard Loom. Nowadays, there are a diverse range of cushion covers, table or bedspreads and covers, which are made by this technique. This substance is also pretty hard and you should wash it with mild detergent only. Dry cleaning is of course even more secure against the run.


home textiles velvet natural fiber purple

This fabric was always a luxury fabric. It has remained so up to the present day. It was formerly made of silk, but nowadays often made of cotton. Velvet is a less sensitive material and therefore can be also without problems. We recommend the delicate cycle at a maximum temperature of 40° C. The pile of the Velvet may change but something when washing. This should again make use of chemical cleaning of you who want to take no such risk.


home textiles wool textiles natural fibres

Let’s get to the wool. This rough, rugged fabric is made mainly from the Sheepskin. Other animal hair called wool, so for example the two goat types – cashmere and mohair, angora (rabbit) and alpaca, llama and camel hair. You should know it anyway that rugs, Kashmir-textiles, felted pillow or fine Alpaca pieces have no place in the washing machine. Wash them on the best hand or you can dry-clean it.


home textiles silk natural fiber fine

The real silk is of animal origin. It is obtained from the cocoons of Bombyx (of silkworms). Therefore, silk has a high protein content. So, these fibers are very sensitive to light. You should be as careful with your silk curtains and possibly not too long leave it in direct sunlight. Otherwise, the silk fades away. Except dry-cleaning can be wash silk by hand. Best soaking the silks first few minutes in lukewarm water and wash carefully with soft detergents.


home textiles linen natural fiber

Still, flax is called the fibers of the cloth. These are nearly the oldest in the world, which were processed into textiles. Linen has a slightly rough texture and is considered as a robust material. You should wash this material still at 40 to 60 degrees.


home textiles-viscosity synthetic fiber

This fabric is composed of natural fibers, which have been refined but chemically and thus it was only produced in the 20th century. This material is light and supple, and can be in silk, cotton or wool look. Even lines can thus be imitated. Viscose is durable and much more absorbent than cotton. Up to maximum 40 ° C with a liquid detergent, wash such substances in the gentle cycle.

Natural fiber in fresh colours

home textiles fresh colours cotton linen

Rough jute textiles for a cool ambiance

home textiles natural fibres jute

Colorful carpet runners for a cheerful mood in the hallway

home textiles natural fiber carpet runners stained

Wool can be also very finely woven

home textiles natural fiber wool

Cotton in different shades and textures

home textiles robust natural fibre cotton

A successful imitation of silk – elastane

home textiles polyester Lycra elastane

Velvet gives an undisputed touch of luxury furniture

home textiles sofa cover natural fiber velvet

Curtains, pillows and lamp shades – everything can be perfectly combined

home textiles Curtains cushion lamp shade

Same pattern, different textiles

home textiles Curtains floral pattern organza cotton

A discreet solution for real purists

home textiles Curtains cushions neutral colors

Velvet and silk – an unbeatable duo

home textiles Curtains upholstery ceiling velvet silk

Through your home textiles, introduce more freshness in your home!

home textiles blinds retro pattern

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