Home Trends 2016 – Trendy Furnishing Ideas For Your Home

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What’s new with the residential trends of 2016?

If you think that such an article at the beginning of the year would have been appropriate, we will give you right. Actually, it’s too late for this info but at the beginning of the summer. Most people will use just this time of year, to renew their home. The new design continues to connect trends for 2016 in a natural way to the previous trends. That’s why you need usually not very much time to make room for them in your home.

Home trends wall design

housing trends-metallic accents of wall design ideas dining area

Home trends – floral pattern are again on the fashion

home trends curtains floral pattern sheets

Geometric patterns are a trendy way to decorate the living room

apartment set up ideas living room geometric pattern carpet fireplace

Give the apartment a modern character through small accents

Many people are of the opinion that 2016 will be a very dynamic year. You want to escape be sure the conservative and static nature of everyday life. To not do it with great action. Rather it attempts to give a very modern character House by small incursions. That’s why for example you will be this year metallic popular accents in all living spaces. On the design, we experienced many new nuances and combinations in this aspect. Look at this and try to use them if you would currently work as an inspiration for your interior design.

Metallic accents make the living room look modern

housing trends-metallic accents living room white corner sofa red carpet

Gold accents are noble and modern

residential trends wall design ideas Golden accents metallic fireplace

More sustainable than before

The quest to make sustainable design, is also nothing new. However, this is 2016 more noticeable than in the earlier seasons. The innovations in this regard relate to all aspects of the interior design. You are also much more accessible with every other year. You must choose between an expensive nature-friendly innovation and a reasonable, but not environmentally friendly solution becoming less and less. The prices of the first fall constantly, the decision becomes natural and obvious every day. In addition, green design is becoming increasingly attractive, and is therefore often preferred.

A green vertical wall brings a fresh flair in the living area

residential trends vertical green modern living room wall rugs purple Chair

Eco-friendly design the living room

residential trends housing ideas living room white interior plant open living plan

Provide a sustainable interior design

residential trends eco-friendly living room fashion

Plenty decorate the bathroom with plants

home trends bathroom design plant natural

Provide order in the open living plan

residential trends housing ideas living room eco-friendly set up more open living plan

Select bedroom furniture made of environmentally friendly materials

residential trends home ideas-bedroom eco-friendly furniture

Floral pattern

2016, floral motifs and patterns dominate our lives. You are super common in fashion, both in the everyday, as well as the official outfits. Come on dresses, suits, shoes and many other accessories. And seems to have still not tired of it, because they come in the interior design quite strongly to the fore.

Leaf pattern freshens the modern bedroom

apartment set up ideas green bedroom floral pattern

Curtains with floral patterns are a right decision

apartment set up ideas curtains floral pattern

Floral patterns bring freshness in the Interior

apartment set up ideas living room floral pattern living room sofa

Floral accents in black and white

residential trends housing ideas bedroom white black floral pattern

Fun geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are another example that shows currently likes old things from a new perspective. Looking back on the 70’s, to draw ideas from it. Their realisation in the interior design is much fancier but when compared to the originals. The new interpretation acts but not bizarre, but quite pleasant and striking.

Geometric carpet is a stylish solution for the living room

apartment set up ideas living room geometric carpet open living plan

Spice up the living area by geometric patterns

apartment ideas set geometric carpet of round wall mirror living room

Geometric wallpaper is elegant and modern

apartment set up ideas living room geometric wallpaper

The modern geometric forms are simultaneously original and universal. Therefore, you can be inserted in any any furnishing style.

Cool blue shades

2016 is the year of the fiery red monkey, and maybe that’s why you need deep and calm colors such as blue, to ensure a balance. We can broadly apply accents and larger pieces of furniture in this shade in the interior design. Purple and pink are still up-to-date. This is a wonderful opportunity to make something softer, feminine and inviting interiors.

Make the living room in shades of blue

apartment set up ideas living room blue shades furniture

Find the new design trends for 2016 also varied? They are somehow unobtrusive, and bring us still inner comfort and satisfaction. Somehow they bring also the confidence that they will be longer actually work. It is therefore motivated to use it at his house renovation.

The living room with blue furniture set

apartment set up ideas living room blue sofas

What new trend you wish for your home this year?

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