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What lighting is ideal for my living room? How create I my bedroom country house style? Around the theme of living and building, there are so many ideas and issues for which it is however often in search of the right person. With the online platform homify this problem is solved now. Because here you can find inspiration in the fields of architecture and design, as well as the corresponding experts. Each expert has the opportunity to present his credentials on his profile, with text and graphic to make image and to inspire the user for himself and his products.

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The garden to be green and the murals in the Living room individual? Then it is time to look on the homify.de. For every room – dressing room-living room – you will find exemplary projects of the experts. Whether soft closing cabinet doors for the kitchen or pendant luminaires for the dining room – dreams are visualized in the “Products” category and can be met directly by the experts. Also Dekofans are likely to feel homify like paradise: a large selection of decorations and accessories can transform your own four walls with small highlights on the fly by the cool loft in a cozy living room.

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Still looking for interior design ideas or the latest trends? The editorial staff of homify presents daily new design ideas and design trends in idea books. Also General questions to such as Feng Shui, or the effect of colors are covered in the magazine.

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How can I collect my own favorite images and ideas? Each image that inspired and like it, can be stored in a book – if necessary also with personal notes -. From the single screen you can turn to the respective experts and can learn more about new projects.

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And if the wanderlust should strike again: homify has also international experts! Who is looking after a Mediterranean villa, a cosy Finca or a London loft, can be inspired on the homify portal in Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

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