Hot Bath – 50 Freestanding Baths Offer Relaxation

Editor   January 15, 2014   Comments Off on Hot Bath – 50 Freestanding Baths Offer Relaxation

free-standing bathtubs perfect beginning day sea

Bathroom with style for more comfort

In the first days of the new year we have presented the colors and patterns for 2014 are in vogue. While most of these trends for the living room, bedroom and kitchen are predicted, there is a significant style that aims to ensure your comfort and relaxation in the bathroom. The free-standing bathtub becomes a huge splash this year! The architect and the owner of the House begin to heat up, which are among other things now more accessible than ever for such luxurious bathtubs.

The interest for the free-standing bathtub refers to companies that offer a range of amazing bathtubs. They bring a touch of luxury, elegance and prosperity and freshen the whole bathroom style, while you enjoy your swimming! Before you decide for your own, take a look at our proposals!

Free standing bath tubs back in vogue

free-standing bathtubs breathtaking ambience Copper River stones

Fireplace in the bathroom

bath bath white-hot relax

Bathtub with legs

free-standing bathtubs legs classic contrast color

Very modern – mosaic murals

bath window frames beige

Take bath in the outdoor

free-standing bath garden environment nature pleasure

Enjoy wonderful views

bath modern ergonomically aesthetically

Shining black surface

free-standing bathtubs mosaic black gloss

Bath stone – bathroom design

free-standing bathtubs tropical paradise homedramatic visions

For many different reasons, one decides for a freestanding bathtub and your aesthetic is paramount. In addition to the sculptural beauty, these have the benefit, to be placed anywhere. Now you have the freedom and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of nature. Just make a freestanding bathtub next to a large window or a sliding door…

Exotic environment

free-standing tubs of exotic plants garden open space

Golden surface – the big city at night

free-standing bathtubs golden surface city prospects

Vintage design

free-standing bathtubs base metal surface window fresh

Minimalist in winter

bathtubs white establishment tiles simple minimalist

Spectacular views of the mountains, overlooking the roaring waves in the distance and the cute, tropical, green canopy roofs are now an integral part of Interior Design. Thanks to a free-standing bathtub you can combine the two – your refreshing bathing with amazing views. Create a relaxing atmosphere, which is enhanced by nature welcomes!

Exotic, Asian

bathtubs robust hanging lamps warm ambience wood

River stones for more natural freshness

bathtubs white floor vase final stones Pebble great

Remarkable floor vase

bathtubs white waves floor vase nature mountain

Cute ambience

bathtubs white flooring window sink

Free-standing partition wall made of glass bathroom design

bathtubs white glass partition open

Window wall

bathtubs white surface gloss modern trend

Massive stone

bath stone lasting original leaves painting

Luxury bathroom in the hotel

freestanding bathtub metallic Hollywood style

Bathtub made from basalt

bath Metalisch towel fabulous solid beautiful basalt

Metallic construction

fabulous freestanding bath Metalisch bath towel copper

Wood bathtub

bath wood handmade Walnut

Texture with animal patterns

bath exotic touch touch free standing surface animal pattern

Just for fun relaxing atmosphere

freestanding bathtub shelves books

Soft lighting

Freistehnd bathtub bathroom tiles floor vase decoration

Luxury and marble

marble bathtub compact design refined Asian style

Bring the nature in the bathroom

organic of course colors brilliant modern design

Traditional and functional

contemporary freestanding bathtub style size

Simple, but extravagant

stylishly chic modern minimalist bathtub

Art on the walls in the bathroom

modern art art wall design wall decoration bath

Tub and shower

floor mounted free-standing bathtub beauty

On a pedestal made of wood

bathroom facility bath wood flooring

Flower pot works aufpeppend

bath glass shower fresh exotic plants

Conveniently located in the middle of the room

bath glass shower hanging water combineVisual impression

bath Orange metal surface window

Classic Interior

grey bathtub white design bathroom neutral

Variety of bold colors

great freestanding bath color scheme bathroom

Black motifs

black color bold look look of bath

Brick wall

bath flooring brick wall window stool

Discreet and refined in dark colors

bath flooring tile shower stills sink

Rose petals in the water

bath flooring hanging lamps candles

High backrest

bathtub ergonomic runner carpet window frame

Golden accents

bathtub Golden accents window curtains figures

Rain shower over the bath

bathtub rain shower floor lighting tile murals

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