Hours Fighting – Detect And Destroy You The Moths

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hours fighting girl green fresh dresses

Hours to detect and remove

The moths are a common household problem in the storerooms, where they feed on grains and cereals, and the wardrobe, where they raided wool, silk and other fabrics. To combat the hours, you should apply two methods: first remove the moths immediately and then clean the area, take preventive measures.

If you have seen two or more around fluttering moths, but you are still not sure whether they are everywhere actually you look for the following characters:

Combat hours

hours fighting brush

Tiny holes in your sweaters or other clothing. If you find only a hole, there is most likely more. Check all your clothes from wool, silk, fur, who looks dusty or discolored or have a musty smell.Hours in the corners of the room or on the clothing.

Examine the clothing

hours fighting check out

Disconnect Mottenfallen

Start the hours with pheromone Mottenfallen who wear them and take care of.With FlyPaper and fish oil, you can make your own trap. Hang them in the closet.

The mouse trap is suitable also for hours

Wash the clothes

hours fighting wash

Be sure to wash all clothes

Wash the bedding, the towels, which you keep in the closet.Remove all suitcases, bags and clean it yet.

Clean the Cabinet / the pantry

hours fighting clean

Soapy water or water with vinegar are the solutions for it – clean the floor and the walls. Carefully, you clean inside the columns and the crack.

Here you need vacuuming – high-performance vacuum cleaners to clean the carpet

Modern bedroom – open closet

bedroom wardrobe hours fighting

Walk-in closet with metal frame

minimalist metal frame modern wardrobe

Number of shelves

hours fighting brush arrange modern

Vintage arrangement in the closet

traditional wardrobe drawers shelf basket hanger

Dramatic colour scheme – dark colors

IKEA wardrobe mirror frame red hours

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