Housing Trends – 44 Examples, How To Set Up The Living Room In Step With The Trends For 2016

Home trends for the living room design 2016

The first quarter is almost over. It seems to us so that it is still very much time. Are you asking what time determined? The answer: Time to do something different to what they had not previously made. You could set up for example the living room after the latest trends and more interesting fashion.

Trendy fashion living room Interior trends-

housing trends-white living room colorful accents storage

If you feel something, then continue reading be sure this article.  We will tell more about the latest home trends 2016 and you will understand therefore, whether they fit in the long term to you or that you shouldn’t make any small changes and wait until the next year with the major renovation.

Housing trends – the living room with hanging lamps illuminate

living ideas living room trends 2016 furnishing ideas

Define your own style

The design trends of 2016 are actually very diverse. Thanks to this feature, you have plenty of room if you want to define your own style. Taking on many traditional design solutions. They are used above all on a Visual level. It performs them with innovative materials and textiles so that always a better experience can be enjoyed regardless of the appearance.

You bring a vibrant touch to the living room through colored furniture

living ideas living room furnishing ideas red furniture Raffen Rollo colored

So currently, investing in healthy, comfortable pieces of furniture is modern. Occur in many different forms and styles, so it is possible to create an individual design.

On a purely visual level, there are also some fresh trends. For example, flowers and colored patterns are particularly popular in this season. This concerns not only the design but also the fashion.

By stark colours refresh the simple living room design

residential trends flowers decorate living room wall mirror

Sustainable design

The second design trend by 2016 to speak also refers to the inner values of the home institution. The sustainable environment-friendly solutions are becoming increasingly popular. This is nothing new, some of you will probably say. It’s true in a sense, but in this season, this trend is even more pronounced than in previous years. So far, it was so that one had to choose between cheap, but not very environmentally friendly solutions and expensive innovations. The innovative green solutions are offered but always cheaper and there exists virtually no sensible reason that you forego this in the Interior. We are approaching to nature in a different form: one used more often simple shapes in the furniture production, which, however, are much better than previously adapted our body and our natural dynamics.

White living room PEPs you wonderfully by plants on

housing trends-white living room television plant floor

Interior design ideas for the living room yellow

living ideas living room rustic features yellow walls black leather furniture dining area

Organic items in the interior decoration

Well, this is really a spectacular new trend! More and more organic elements are used in interior decoration. It had always been potted plants in the interior design. They are now used in the most unexpected places and introduced on the same level as the other decorative elements and accessories in the Interior. This trend began first in South America and spread rapidly worldwide. Due to his origin, he has still an exotic touch that comes mainly through the selection of plants for organic decoration.

Great stone walls are combined with a glass coffee table

residential trends living room dekoideen flowers transparent table stone wall fur carpet

Plants emphasize the wooden wall panels

residential trends living room flowers pattern combine

Make a large flower pot between the two chairs

residential trends living room recreation corner potted plant dekokissen floral pattern

Properly combine several patterns in the modern living room

living ideas living room walls white dekoideen flower pattern

Still a great season in the garden

The summer is coming soon and we spend much time in the garden. In recent years, there is the trend that to so easily set up the seating areas and entertainment zones, that to this virtually throughout the warm season long right enjoys. 2016, the designer offered even more great solutions which ensure an easy connection between the kitchen inside and outside. So is al fresco more fun cooking and the dining! There is also a range of green innovations that will help us to save electricity and water despite the extended living area in this field.

Blue and pink

Blue and pink are two colors that are at the same time powerful, well write but in the natural trends of this season. If you want to freshen your interior with feminine touches, then these two shades are right. You look very inviting in all its nuances.

Pink traces can appear soft and feminine to the living room

residential trends living flowers of nuances of Pink White carpet

Choose light blue for the living room walls

housing trends-blue wall beige sofa wandtattoo

Receive the summer in a cheerful mood and enjoy the warm season in a cozy atmosphere! The new trends of housing can assist only in this respect!

Make the living room in neutral colors, if you want a cozy atmosphere

residential trends housing ideas living room yellow accents wood floor vases

Exhibit flowers on an attractive coffee table

residential trends living room decorating flowers cool coffee table

Green plants and yellow cushion are sufficient to make beautiful accents in the living room

residential trends living room Setup ideas plant carpet

Some accents in stark colors

residential trends living pattern textures round coffee table white walls

Paint the living room in purple

residential trends living room purple cushion purple walls plant

The style of the show in the living room

residential trends living room red accents fabric pattern glass doors

A green stool is cool addition to the yellow armchairs and the fur rug

living ideas living room round coffee table Chair fur carpet

Elegant carpet gives a specific look living room

living ideas living room carpet pattern plant wall decoration ideas

Colored and glad the living room set

living ideas living room sofa white colored dekokissen bright ambience

Plants and floral pattern – is not a very suitable combination?

living ideas living room sofa white fresh dekokissen flooring ideas

living room Setup ideas nuances of blue glass table open living plan

set living room ideas cool Chair flower pattern carpet pattern

living room set up ideas color dekokissen round rug

living room Setup ideas patterns combine light grey walls

set up living room ideas living room dekoideen dekokissen long curtains

living room set up ideas fur rug-white sofa blue dekokissen wood floor

living room Setup ideas wooden furniture coffee table

living room Setup ideas stone wall accent wall fireplace pattern plant

living ideas living room blue furniture color dekokissen white walls

living ideas living room bright furniture dekokissen plant curtains pattern

living room set ideas green Chair paint stripes carpet curtain pattern

living ideas living room orange armchair bright carpet stylish fireplace

bright living ideas living room furniture wooden accents close to nature led lighting

living ideas living room rustic coffee table elegant pattern

living ideas living room flowers fireplace walls grey

living room Setup ideas of rustic side table wall panels wood fireplace

living ideas living room rustic coffee table chic sofas open living plan

living room Setup ideas fur carpet-bright plant walls

living room Setup ideas rustic wood table dekoideen green side tables

living ideas living room gray carpet glass table white walls yellow accents

living ideas living room fur carpet cool coffee table

living room Setup ideas grey sofa flooring wood look