Housing Types – What You Should Know About The Styles In The Home Furnishings

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furnishings pop art style type

Housing types – what furnishings you actually like?

The range of furniture, accessories and color variations is now huge. This has the advantage that one can create his own style of living according to the individual wishes and ideas. That many of the variety are overwhelmed and ask themselves is in turn adversely,: How do I find my style of living and what types of accommodation are there at all?

The country house style

country-style home furnishings interior living room

This style of living is still very popular. The furniture is here functional and simply kept with the particularity that they desired exhibit small signs of wear. Thus, every piece of furniture gets its very own charm. In the area of wallpapers and textiles, prefers floral patterns or plaids are used. The color selection ranges from earth tones such as Earth, sand, brown beige to green tones in different variations and slate. Splash of color in fresh green, yellow and red tones and accessories in the form of pillows and a pleasant lighting design provide for a loosening up. Also the wall design is versatile in the country house style . This classic wood paneling, wiping techniques or even clay plaster are used depending on the individual preferences. Natural stone tiles or rustic planks are employed for the flooring. All in all is a very clear but quite playful style of country house style.

The Bohemian style

furnishings Bohemian style interior

This style is now increasingly found particularly among young people. The combination of classic elegance with a cool industrial flair and the romantic Shabby-Chic charm is characteristic here. In the foreground, the imprecision of the rooms is available here. Here are no limits your own color preferences. All colours may be combined here to your heart’s content. Vintagemöbel, fine fabrics and designer pieces provide a strong contrast here. Also colorful fabrics, large Windows and diced together seating furniture are typical for the Bohemian style.

The modern style

home furnishings modern style interior

Our fast-paced daily lives characterized by efficiency and pragmatism, and that is reflected in this style of living. Functional elements and clean lines are used here. The color palette includes Earth and cream tones and white here, metallic, black, and different shades of grey. Everything is very purist in form of straight cut sofa lounge areas, chrome elements and high-gloss furniture. Playful elements is here deliberately omitted. This results in a functional, clean and very coherent picture.

How do I find my style?Who is not sure which style for him eligible, who can make a test. As a residential type test ImmobilienScout24is currently available. Of course you must set is not always to a style, there are also many people who change their tastes and preferences with regard to the furnishings in the course of time or combine several styles. At a young age, for example, when the cover of the first apartment, the apartment style is usually much playful as in years 30, where it increasingly is concerned about quality and classic materials and furnishings.

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