How Does The Modern Interior Of A New York City Apartment

modern interior design living room furniture brick wall plush carpet wood flooring wooden floor

Comfortable New York loft enchants with its exposed brick walls

New York boasts many architectural masterpieces. The unique SOHO roof apartments are always at the top of this list. The most stylish apartments adopt the completely white look in combination with bright accents.

Often, large Windows frame ironic prospects and the whole thing is topped by well selected works of art.

The apartment, which we are presenting today is located on Prince Street and shows a completely different approach. Here, it has decided to pay a tribute to the original architecture and to expose the original brick wall. This can be seen in the illustration above clearly. Along the brick wall, the exposed metal tubes and wooden beams make an eclectic equipment with a touch of industrial charm.

Modern decor with eclectic elements and industrial charm

modern interior design living room furniture wooden beams wood floor New York City apartment

The residence was built on an area of about 230 square metres. This apartment is a rarity in this part of the city, where each individual square is super valuable in their kind really! The brick wall gives it a unique character. The white plush couch introduces a super modern and fresh atmosphere. You chose a shiny kitchen with top and work surfaces made of stainless steel. The apartment shows an open living plan. The well thought-out placement of reflective surfaces and metal accents is the feeling to be in a chic apartment all the time.

New York City apartment to 230 square metres

modern décor dining room kitchen design kitchen island wood floor New York City apartment

Open living plan

modern interior modern kitchen design kitchen island wood floor New York City apartment

In the cosy bedroom you can find a much restrained dealing with a brick wall. So, you will provide a tranquil atmosphere which are typical for a serenen and relaxed personal haven. The diverse textures, which were in use throughout the House, provide great Visual contrasts. One can also find a modern room, which this three-bath apartment gives a perfect conclusion.

Cozy bedroom with natural look

bedroom design modern interior rustic brick wall leather New York City apartment

Wood and metal

modern interior design wood rustic wood floor wood ceiling chandelier New York City apartment

Bathroom interior design ideas

modern interior bathroom tiles ground level shower New York City apartment

You want to enjoy every day also this timeless style and panache? If so, you should know that this apartment is currently for sale!

Prince Street, New York

building facade Prince Street New York City apartment

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