How To Plan A Beautiful And Eco-friendly Cooking Island

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Make environmentally friendly and comfortable cooking island

We all know from our own experience that take you sooner or later a remodeling of the kitchen area must . Moreover, that one does nowadays there are many things in addition to cooking and food preparation. Many people want to, the kitchen area as the heart of the House can arrange. That’s why modern kitchen designs must be comfortable, but also environmentally friendly and gentle super for our health.

How do you think that? Follow our bullet points and you will make hardly anything wrong:

Northern alignment

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If you are in the Northern semicircle of the Earth, then the kitchen position should have a Northern alignment. Because in this space to generate much heat. It is therefore of fundamental importance, that it compensates for one to find. If you are in Argentina, the room should be aligned with South be.

No superfluous interlocking

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You should especially make sure the space between the kitchen, the Flushing – and cooking area not to interlock. Because many movements take place here. If you can move freely, verto avoid also many accidents. Before you determine the distribution of work and storage areas, you should precisely the manner consider, how you take advantage of everything.


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In the kitchen area, the lighting should be plentiful and of very good quality. Best you should good ambient light with light in certain places combine, where you work intensivelyt.

L ü ftung

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Without good L ü airing, you can to enjoy hard time in the kitchen. Check whether the natural conditions in this respect are sufficient or whether one must integrate something in addition.

Easy to maintain the Work surfaces

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You need at the Assembly of the working surfaces very practical thinking. The materials should be naturally appealing, but also easy to clean. Because in the kitchen space is the Hygiene is of fundamental importance and it there every day dirty.

Use again

wood furniture decorative ceiling kitchen island interior design ideas

Can different institution build a , through which you can find the different materials to r Reuse collect and prepare.

Sufficient storage space

interior design ideas kitchen island storage work area

Here there are in the various kitchens huge differences. This also helps to avoid the mess. If you are not very tidy, you should necessarily closed doorn have.

Large table

furnishing ideas design wooden furniture kitchen island bar stool

Kitchens with large work tables n secure comfortable cooking and preparing there.

Rear panel

furnishing ideas design pendant carpet round table closet

Only through such we can cook quietly, without making the wall dirty.

Trash can

kitchen area design pendant lighting kitchen island table chairs

Good kitchen areas are equipped with a sufficient number of such in the appropriate places.

Once the real-life situations present themselves

kitchen design interior design ideas wood chandelier

Before you Order your dream kitchen , even sit back and imagine a day in your new kitchen space! Is something missing?

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