Ideas In Memphis Style Furnish Apartment

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Apartment set up ideas – how to set up in Memphis style

The 80’s design is really bold and chic. He has to offer many cool colors and combinations. They are found in clothing and in many other areas. There are different forms within the styles of the 80s. You have a different character. Among them, particularly the Memphis style distinguishes itself. He distinguishes itself by the very revolutionary character and a big can courage. However, sure that he is so down, he seems surprisingly comfortable and relaxing.

Ideas create apartment – geometric figures combine and set in Memphis style

furnishing ideas failed door memphis style camille walala

A bit of history

Called “Memphis” is a design group that was founded in Milan. Engaged in the manufacture of furniture, ceramics and textiles. In the history of art and style, she is known as one of the movements which have distinguished themselves by their rupture with the functionalism.

Alchimia is another example of such a Studio.

Ideas create apartment – living room in Memphis style fashion

apartment set up ideas memphis style living room set denniss zanone photo

The main names, which stand behind the Memphis movement are Michele De Lucchi and Ettore Sottsass. They were also members of the Studio Alchimia before the greening of Memphis.

Another interesting fact is that the design group was named after the song by Bob Dylan Memphis Blues agai. It was a completely new designer-movement, which was free from the fear of experiments and put on with much courage other designers including those who worked in a completely different style.

The Memphis-style rooms are colourful and alive

apartment set up ideas memphis style paints geometric shapes


Already at first glance you can see what the Memphis style has been inspired. The sources of inspiration are Art Deco, kitsch and pop art. Probably for this reason, they have been selected because they all do without the formalities and are super bright and impressive. At the same time, they have some classic trains, which make them suitable also for classical concepts.

Fancy lamp by Martine Bedin

apartment set up ideas memphis style lamp martine bedin

Clock design in Memphis style

apartment set up ideas memphis style clock design

For what temperament is the Memphis style fitting?

The Memphis style suits people who are active and love experiments. He is then also good for you, if you want to distribute the boredom and the lack of great experiences out of your House. The Memphis style, you can unleash your creativity and create a space entirely their own character.

Would you set up your living room in Memphis style?

furnishing ideas memphis sitl lamps ladies and gentlemen studio

What distinction you made the Memphis-style?

There are many bold and original styles, and which – particularly in the 80s. What distinguishes the Memphis style from all others? This is the very active use of geometric shapes in the first place. Also how is characteristic, as they are combined. You are combined according to the principle “colorblock”. This means that combinations consist of colored blocks completed in itself.

The strange combination of geometric figures is typical of the Memphis style

furnishing ideas memphis style geometric figures combine

This method is used in the design, as well as in fashion, as well as in many other areas. Bold colors can be applied also in other styles, so many at once occur hardly at a different location than in Memphis.

What is the Memphis style…

The Memphis style does not obligate you to apply only geometric shapes. You can add others to do so. The larger and more varied the room is, the better. Furniture in soft, simple lines are welcome. Overall, everything must be stylish and tastefully. The manifold must be achieved not only through the forms, but also by textures.

You need your sense of humor

So that you understand the Memphis style, you would have to have a sense of humor. It is already unusual combinations occur. The design ideas which you apply in your home furnishings, will fall on already, but the remarks and comments will be quite safe not just positive.

Cooler Chair by Peter Shire

furnishing ideas peter shire Chair memphis style

But you should be confident that you have made a stylish choice. It has been successfully applied by many designers and great experts in the fashion and design!

Bring liveliness into the interior design

apartment set up ideas memphis style interior design ideas

Functional green side table

furnishing ideas occasional tables memphis style

The Memphis furniture pieces are in stark colors

apartment set up ideas memphis style of occasional table Setup ideas

Memphis-style furniture design

apartment set up ideas memphis style furniture design

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