Innovative Materials Of The Designs In The 21st Century

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innovative materials Corian futuristic design

Innovative materials for your modern interior design

The design nowadays is associated with a lot of dynamism and experimentation. In addition to the forms, colors and lines, also the selected materials play a very important role.

We want to respond to some of these quite innovative materials that make up the character of the furniture of the 21st century in large part now.


Methacrylate plays a very important role in the innovative materials. Its application has no long history. It goes back to the beginning of our decade. Thanks to its great features, it offers virtually endless possibilities, what’s shape and colour design.

Designers love it because it just does not limit your imagination

innovative materials methacrylate plastic plastic


Second we want to introduce today the Plexiglas under the innovative materials. It’s transparent acrylic glass. It is known already since the year of 1933, but comes in recent years particularly intensively in the production of furniture in use. Also many decorative elements are created from it.

Particularly clear designers look like fine furniture made of this material

innovative materials Plexiglas designer chairs transparent colorful

Lightness in appearance, perfection in design

innovative materials transparent plexiglass coffee table

Carbon fibers

This is one of the innovative materials which find widespread use in the automotive industry. It consists of carbon atoms that are connected by crystals. The material is characterized by high strength and stiffness. It is noble, has a high price, but allowed the designers the most complicated configurations.

The new alternative of braided furniture

innovative materials plastic fibers black

This material is used even for the manufacture of bathtubs

innovative materials carbon fibre tub


Next we want to introduce you the innovative materials with wood skin. It is also very strong. It also has the typical features of traditional architecture materials and the flexibility of the textiles. It creates therefore unique interior design elements.

They impress by their appearance particularly heavily and permanently provide an interesting appearance

innovative materials office furnishings wood skin

Optimal flexibility and warm, pleasant feel

innovative materials wood skin


Some of the futuristic furniture have been created from this innovative material. You know it since 1967 and used it intensively in the 21st century. It is flexible and can be broken is difficult. It is particularly popular with some world famous designers. Also, Zaha Hadid is one of those.

Corian and futuristic design go hand in hand

patented innovative materials Corian

This innovative material is great application especially in kitchens

innovative materials Corian kitchen complete

Synthetic resins

Also the synthetic resins are among the most innovative materials. You can also reach the weirdest shapes with these. S

You can also colour in the various nuances

innovative materials synthetic resins


Since are you but a little surprised, right? Yes, cardboard is one of the innovative materials which perfectly define the character of the furniture in the 21st century. Special editing you can make really good and strong furniture.

Also, you can afford plenty of variety in colors and forms of these

innovative materials cardboard chairs

Laocoön is this amazing textile

innovative materials Laokoon fabric

Items from Laokoon look particularly magical and imaginative

innovative materials Laokoon textiles

Cocoon polymer – another magical material for your interior design and furniture

innovative materials cocoon polymer bedroom

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