Inspiring George Nelson Design – From Iconic Watches Up To Brilliant Sofas

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inspiring George Nelson design unique sofa in black

Inspiring George Nelson design

The two large – George Nelson and Charles Eames – considered founder of the industrial style in interior design. Many of the innovative and creative design classics charm us still today. Nelson’s creations have survived several design styles and apply as a modern miracle in the middle of the century. They are characterized with a unique playfulness and solemnity. A great example is the coconut Chair.

Refreshment in Orange

inspiring George Nelson design Orange Marshmallow Sofa

Here you see two more designer marvels by Nelson, that are just irresistible. The Marshmallow Sofa and the collection of clocks are anything but mundane and boring. You have paved the way outside the serious design and Visual saliency and elegance be adapted to any modern interior.

Elegant and striking

inspiring George Nelson design wall clock star

Filigree contrast

inspiring George Nelson design clock with colorful balls

The playful Marshmallow Sofa

The actual creator of this fun and stylish sofa, so as we know it today, is the designer Irving Harper. In 1954, the idea came from a business man. The sofa comprises 18 round slices, placed in a metal frame and is again very popular recently. With its casual, chic and modern look, this piece of furniture is a must for anyone who wants to spice up its interior.

Smooth design in pastel

inspiring George Nelson design sofa in natural classic comfort

inspiring George Nelson design ergonomically into leather

Round shapes made of noble materials

inspiring George Nelson design mouse Bacon couch

Unpretentious and proud

inspiring George Nelson design geometric

Serious and playful at the same time

George Nelson design elegant sofa in grey

Home Office in a Scandinavian style

inspiring George Nelson design Scandinavian flair

Black and white quite classic

George Nelson design Ernst in black the couch

Neo minimalism with style

inspiring George Nelson design classic black white

A charming timepiece collection

Original and humorous Nelson watches are a great alternative to the conventional design. They were the first without boring digit and round shape. The ball clock, the eye-clock and the turbine clock have been created in 1947 and were ahead of their time. Today, they are very popular especially among modern designers. Their minimalist design and unusual shape makes it a real eye-catcher on any wall.

Eccentric and bold have both – the Marshmallow Sofa and watches by Nelson – a distinctive character and are a valuable addition to your interior design.

Which is your personal favorite? Or can you imagine sofa and watch only as a duo? Why actually not…

Spicy Eklektik

George Nelson design wall clock above the fireplace

Refreshing Azur

inspiring George Nelson design colored filigree watch

Partition wall with iconic design classics

inspiring George Nelson design great watches collection

A colorful star on the designer heaven

inspiring George Nelson design wall clock brightly In the nursery

The ball clock is easy to Miss

inspiring George Nelson Designs Deckenhohe window

Turbine clock for more dynamic

inspiring George Nelson Designs Sonnenartige wall clock

Conventionally only at the first glance

inspiring George Nelson design cylindrical pendants

Strikingly original in the corner

inspiring George Nelson design in the living room corner

Fruity Orange

inspiring George Nelson design wall clock with orange balls

Warm tones and a splash of Turquoise

inspiring George Nelson design refreshing accent blue

Energetic and stimulating

inspiring George Nelson design accent wall in stimulating red

Noticeable fine through coarse wood grain and colorful stripes

inspiring George Nelson design colorful stripes and rough wood grain

Minimalist and unconventional

inspiring George Nelson design minimalist in grey and light wood

Caribbean colors and vintage flair

inspiring George Nelson design yellow couch and Sundial

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