Interior Design Ideas And Tips, How You Your Apartment Brights Can

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living ideas Hell Licht tips living room

Follow these interior design ideas and you will have a bright and cozy apartment

Feel at home often tired, sick, stressed or just in a bad mood and you’re not sure what it is? Look at just your home and think about it: there is sufficient flow of natural light?

This may have great importance. It is proved that the people respond better, Act and feel when a House has plenty of natural light. This effect can be achieved also by the brightness-inspired decoration. Even in the darkest features, you can create the illusion of the contrary by some easy tips.

1 walk around your House and check it carefully after dark zones

If you live for a long time in this House, you are probably accustomed to dark zones. Wardrobes, bedroom and family room not very often have sufficient natural light. It might also appear dark like a hole inside letting the current color palette and dark furniture. Previously, so that you can brighten up the rooms, you have to find out which actually are the black-out factors. Sometimes you need more suitable window or lighter shades on the walls. In other cases, less voluminous and not so many dark furniture in your room can look good.

Tips for brightening dark rooms
living ideas brightening light tips living room

2. mix and match each other ample neutral and white in your decoration

living ideas brightening light tips kitchen interior design

If your home needs more warmth, you opt for the neutrals of the human skin color as about Espresso-Brown, caramel, mushroom gray, and warm shades of rust. These “families” of shades is super varied and look great when they are placed next to dark wood floors, doors, and heavy wooden furniture.

3. open a dark ceiling recessed lighting

Many houses are dark or ceiling pannelierten with wooden something very typical. It provides drama in the space, but at the same time the room like a cave can feel through them. Recessed lights can brighten the room without being intrusive to the eyes. Consider installing dimmer switch into consideration to ensure light control to more variety in the area.

4. combine lighter surfaces with the furniture of the equipment in your kitchen

They love the dark and rich wooden surfaces in your kitchen, but through them it feels much too bleak? Then you combine them with white surfaces and cabinets. There they will motivate you while cooking, because the ambience will feel more open and free.  If you currently seek out the surfaces, necessarily pull these options into consideration.

5. opt for hanging lamps with dual

living ideas brightening light tips kitchen island wood design

If your kitchen only in a specific area is dark, you consider hanging lamps, which achieve a WOW effect in the rest of the room. Luminaire manufacturers have plenty of Designglas, stainless steel, mosaic tiles and artistic blown glass. You have so many options to choose from among which you can choose.

6. bring more light to your dramatic bedroom

living ideas brightening light tips complete bedroom black

There is something that you necessarily have to say dark and upscale bedroom. If the walls, the bed linen, the floor and the accessories are all very dark, you can relax there really after a fairly busy day. If you want to enrich this experience through a dramatic mood, pull applying dramatic lights in strategic locations into consideration. Search for creative solutions, such as lighting under the furniture or accent pieces. Wall and table lamp with a soft Bill are also very popular.

7. create a balance between dark and light in your bedroom

living ideas brightening light tips complete bedroom black white

The bedroom is one of those places in the House, which is really just you. Here no one but you must feel comfortable. That’s why you need to necessarily reach a balance. If you have dark walls, why compensate you not with bright linens in butter yellow. Think also of the broken nuances of white, cushion and bedroom decoration. Through this, you can create a balanced and relaxing atmosphere.

8 decide on the right dark colors for your next project

living ideas brightening light tips closet wardrobe

There is a room that you want to delete as soon as possible, but you have still no idea what colors you should choose. Hesitate not to use dark colors. You are a wonderful way to bring dramatic aesthetic to your room and give it personality. First look for natural light sources in the room. You have more Windows and doors, you can afford the darker colors. If you have only a few or small window, you should decide for lighter shades so that the space feels brighter and more spacious.

9. install more natural light in your wardrobe

living ideas brightening light tips closet dressing room

One of the darkest corners in your room is the wardrobe, where you gather your dresses. Sometimes it is because that the wardrobe to the inside of your bedroom is, or it maybe that you have no Windows, or but because it is a reconstructed room. In all of these complicated cases, but you can find a solution. There are many ways how you can illuminate the rooms. Hänge – or recessed luminaires provide for more brightness in the dressing room and other rooms with this character. You could integrate a mirror reflects the light and the room appears brighter.

Instead, you think you are doomed to a lifetime of dark coat, install window, which will provide more light. If the room borders on an exterior wall, you should consider window into consideration. If he resides on an internal wall, you might think of a solar tube.

All methods described above are very economical and conform to the rules of energy efficiency.

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