Interior Design Ideas – Bringing You The House Quickly And Effortlessly Back To Zack!

Effective interior design ideas for the renovation of a house in an old State

Interesting visible structures, exciting features, touching background stories – these are all reasons to love an old House. But no matter how well you can see the added value of such apartment you wish have a modern lifestyle. We do not settle certainly surfaces used off and dark rooms. If I did, these characteristics may occur just as stylized accents.

How to update the design of an old House and it arrives at all, no compromises with the existing style or with modern life, is the subject of the following article.

Boldly remove ornaments

Interior design ideas modern

Interior design ideas – let everything work much stylized!

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In older houses, there are often superfluous ornaments on the windowsills and in many other places. They look interesting, but at the same time quite old fashioned and also they gather much dust. Remove not the whole constructions, but a part of their ornaments. So the ancient character is not lost, but everything seems much stylized.

Interior Design paint ideas – specific frame in black

interior decoration ideas

White walls and black frame – a classic contrast

ideeen Interior black

The black color is another form of stylization. We can perform the frame of a window for example, from which a beautiful view opens. There is also a contrast to the classical forms, which further brings this to the fullest.

Sculptural light

interior design ideas light

Create an artistic feeling in your home and make jealous all your personal style!

art light interesting ideas

You create modern atmosphere just by using modern sculptural lighting. Leave them in shape and color with some of the older designs or furniture pieces correspond. So weld together the look.

Make the imperfection an advantage

Not manage it to hide a poor architectural detail? Don’t do that! You can Stylize it by color or paint and make an accent in the room.

Provide a particularly fresh first impression

fresh look floor

Interior design ideas – get In the hallway the first impression your guests, so you need to implement here many innovative ideas!

fresh look floor House

The first impression is very decisive for how we generally feel in an apartment. The floor design is very important for this reason. Implement several modern ideas there. This feeling will take you and your guests then certainly on the inside of the House.

Interior design ideas – animate an older staircase

revive old staircase

By the appropriate lighting, you create a modern and stylish look of the old staircase

lighting stairs

For the same reason as in the corridor, it is also important that the stairs show a very modern appearance. This applies to all transition elements. One almost always functioning strategy is the execution of a staircase in black and white. Also related monochrome colour combinations are possible. Brown and white, and gray and white work almost perfectly.

Well illuminate the central area of the apartment


The darkness is a typical feature of the old apartments. For this reason, the clever use of modern lighting is also a good strategy for modernising. Make the central area of the apartment very bright. The dining room or the kitchen should be normally.

Allow more natural light in

large Windows

Bring nature to your home!

large window design

If you want to undertake broader reconstruction measures, then you concentrate most on those that facilitate the flow of natural light. You need greater window and in addition some partition walls in favor of more openness can be removed. Make sure that the open housing plans are no longer as popular, as they once were.

They have proven especially inconvenient, because they “steal too much of our private room” and make our rooms cooler and thus comes. To plan your apartment, you keep these two factors in mind.

Interior design ideas – the black color as one more form of stylization

large window sunlight

The frame window painted in black are available for creativity and are among the exceptional, however original interior design ideas

sinterior design ideas kitchen

With our tips never making a mistake!

Interior frame black ideas

Interior design works the apartment ideas – thanks to the black window frames larger than it actually is!

interior design ideas living room

Through the use of modern sculptural lighting create a modern atmosphere

innovative lighting

Interior design ideas – DIY ideas for your kitchen lighting

food light

Put the accent on the lighting!

illuminate art

The lighting must be korrenspondieren with some of the older Konsktruktionen and pieces of furniture in shape or colour

living room design ideas art

The staircase can revive itself through the appropriate lighting!

interesting lighting lichtdesign

Lovingly create the central area of the apartment and remember, finding the right lighting!

art light cuisine

Ideas – interior design provide the clean appearance of your home

freshly set up floor

Revive the old stairwell and create a new, modern and fresh appearance

old staircase design

Interior design ideas – would you delete the old staircase in white?

interior design

What would you say about a glass staircase railing?

shouldn't interior decoration ideas

Interior design ideas – wooden staircase with a glass staircase railing


Large Windows give you the opportunity to enjoy the outside world in the warmth of your home

gestltung living room

Let more sunlight and simply enjoy the lovely moments in your home!

more light house

With our tips, you will get an amazing atmosphere with modern touches and lots of sunshine!

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