Interior Design Ideas For A Stunning Atmosphere!

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Feminine interiors – and French-style home decorating ideas

French Interior design is synonymous of elegance.  Just when you want to spread feminine flair in your home, so something is crucial. Because here, the boundary between the elegant and tasteless, cheesy design is really easy to pass. If so feminine to set up your home, you stay with the French style on the safe side.

Clever search out your highlights

inneneinrichting ideas accents

Cushion, textiles and other accents have a strong impact on the overall look in the room. They are essential for the atmosphere there. You want to refresh your home – do this through accessories. In the French design, they are chosen with care. They are also a means through which you can customize the space to each new season.

Interior design ideas – DIY – Yes, complex projects – no!

interior design ideas trend

DIY-items are welcome. But if you want to keep the female flair, she must be really simple. Best use DIY for the Spice your of existing furniture.

Use lots of black color

Interior design ideas black

In the French understanding of the female design is black. It must be used with bright accents such as red or pink. Consider this as a kind of transfer of the female image, used with black dress and red lipstick in conjunction.

Interior design ideas – coloured elements carpets

interior design ideas colors

The eye-catching colors are in the French feminine design on the carpet. So that this strategy is working well and stylish, the walls should remain as neutral.

Complete your design concept step by step

In the French Interior design, various collections have a high value. This also applies to the feminine version. Step by step, expand your design with new and interesting pieces.

Interesting storage solutions

interior design ideas storage space

Check out regularly in the stores for interesting storage structures. So you make the most of small kitchens. It shall be filled after the French understanding with many extras which make possible the fine art of cooking.

Invest smart

The interior decoration ideas must be very well thought out and that should be visible. Select one or two pieces of designer per room, but position them strategically so that they spice up the whole atmosphere.

Interior design ideas – mix and match principle

Interior design ideas living room

The feminine interiors in the French style can mix many different styles together. Here are the best examples to mix historical architectural elements and modern tone. Mix classical and modern quiet, using binding properties as a guide. Apply principle that mix & match here, to show your own style.

Accent color

interior design living room trends yellow

The Setup with accent colors is typical of the interior decoration in the French style. For the feminine variant you should choose of course something, what seems softer and more romantic.  The different variants of yellow would be particularly apt.

Lean art on the wall

interior design ideas simply art

The relaxed style is typical of the French. They can be introduced in the interior design through the works of art. Lean prefer them on the wall, instead of hanging on.

Show everything you love

The open storage space can make decorative look as commercial goods. For example you can exhibit vividly elegant shoes.

Gold plated items

interior design ideas gold

The French, even those with simpler way of life, understand always plenty of luxury and treat them. This can be done also in small dimensions by great accent pieces. About integrating a mirror with gold frame would be useful.

Don’t forget the natural materials

interior decoration ideas natural materials

The natural materials include also the feminine French interiors. You must not dominate, but be in sufficient quantity to make a significant difference in the Interior.

Interior design ideas – use bold black color!

interior design ideas bedroom black

Colourful rugs will ensure your good mood

interior design ideas colorful carpet

Interior design ideas carpet

interior design ideas carpet colorful colourful

Interior design ideas – interesting storage solutions for your home

Interior design ideas kitchen small

Which is your favorite color?

interior design ideas trend

Interior design ideas – art on the wall leaning on

interior design ideas new concepts

interior design ideas lean unst

interior design simple modern ideas

Interior design ideas – including several gold-plated elements in your interior with a

interior design ideas Golden items

interior design modern stylishly elegant ideas

Interior design ideas – bring nature to your home into

interior decoration ideas naturalInterior plant ideas

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