Interior Design Ideas For Small Rooms – 2 Rooms 1

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creative interior design ideas living room dining room combining

Interior design ideas small spaces – creative ideas, how to accommodate two rooms in a room

At the global level, people have less and less floor space. From this comes the need for various space-saving strategies. Combining the premises despite their different functions is very popular. There, it breaks the conventional barriers. It connects room functions, which you previously thought they should be absolutely separated.

Interior design ideas small rooms – the open living plan has both advantages and disadvantages

creative interior design ideas dining room living room kitchen

Integrate small rooms – library in the bedroom interior design ideas

interior design ideas for small spaces bedroom bed and breakfast library

Stylish living room with kitchen

creative interior design ideas of open living plan living room kitchen

The interior design ideas by today show examples of rooms which have a dual function. This is only a start. The truth is that the room could connect three or more features.

Laundry and workroom in one

If you work from home, you could do at the same time some other annoying domestic tasks. For example, it would be feasible to combine the work with the laundry room. So is the laundry and household work in eye and done the business requirements at the same time. That you must occasionally stand up, can only be considered as positive. Because it is anyway not so good to sit in one place for too long.

Dining room and library

To have Beides-separate dining room and a large library, is conservative. Yet some of us still persist. That’s all right. Everyone must don’t you feel comfortable and safe in your own House?

Decorate the room with books

creative interior design ideas dining room interior design ideas books

Through clever interior design ideas, you can combine the dining room with the library. Wall shelves are an attractive decoration from a stylistic perspective. And if you want to eat even alone, then you have also interesting reading at hand, which you can browse to perhaps peacefully.

Room to train and play

Spend more time with your children! Be there when they play. They can’t, because they have so much to do? Then you make some useful and healthy while you are with them. Place fitness equipment in the room where the children play. So get yourself in shape and can converse with the little ones along the way.

Integrate fitness into the nursery equipment

interior design ideas for small spaces children's fitness devices

This decision certainly has a positive impact on the children. You, you learn the positive attitude to the sport at the subconscious level.

Living room and dining room in one

Modern interior design ideas provide the dining room nearly always integrated in another functional room. It can be a part of the kitchen or the living room. We see the second case in the following examples. Actually, it is but the latest, if we all connect three within an open floor plan. What do you think of these ideas?

The living room is equipped with a dining area

creative interior design ideas living room dining area of open living plan

Small functional space

creative interior design ideas dining room living room in one

Creative interior design ideas for small spaces

creative interior design ideas living room dining room kitchen

Home Office and bed and breakfast in a great mix

Make room for your guests at home! Set a separate room for your visit, if you had the opportunity to do so of course. Stay here but also practically. While you have no guests, there is also a work area can be set up. Maybe the guests stay then and a bit longer. Ultimately, they can also in between completing tasks with you.

In the guest room include Home Office

creative interior design ideas room Home Office

Modern and functional room for guests

interior design ideas for small spaces bedroom Home Office

Compact design the small bedroom

creative interior design ideas bedroom guests Home Office

Guest rooms and library

Do you want that your guests when you collect an unforgettable experience? Ensure that you discover the new. This works best with new books. So combine the guest bedroom with library. If your guests like to read, they will feel really relaxed with you.

Bed and breakfast with library is a compact Interior solution

furnishing ideas for small rooms bed and breakfast set up book shelves

Washroom in the kitchen

More often, we must combine the household tasks. We cook and wash at the same time. It can be exhausting if we need to run one of the to the other corner of the House. Why do you leave not the washing machine in the kitchen? So make life easy and save space. Watch the great furnishings ideas below.

Creative ideas for the kitchen

interior design ideas for small spaces, kitchen design ideas washing machine

Write a washing machine in the kitchen design

interior design ideas for small spaces kitchen washing machine kitchen tiles

It is very compact, to place the washing machine in the kitchen

small rooms interior design ideas Interior ideas kitchen washing machine integrating

Chic design small rooms

creative interior design ideas Esszimemr cuisine combining

Small rooms are equipped with a special coziness

creative interior design ideas living room dining room of open living plan

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