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Posted on Dec 23, 2014

Scandinavian furniture living room chair floor lamp white

Scandinavian furniture and equipment in the living room

Today we speak again about the Scandinavian style in the interior design. We have published a number of articles about it. But it happen time and again great inspirations and we find it a pity not to introduce them.

Today, the accent falls on the living room

Scandinavian furniture designer chairs living room modern set

Before we actually move on to Scandinavian furniture, we want to express a few words about this style. It is so well known, the white plays a fundamental role in this style. It is especially on ceilings and floors. This has many advantages. A the room is much wider than before. In addition, you have the freedom to choose many different, diverse looking pieces of furniture.

Exposed brick wall of the Scandinavian model

Scandinavian furniture living room Scandinavian setting up brick wall

Scandinavian furniture, equipment and exposed brick

At the Scandinavian equipment combining with an exposed brick wall plays a fundamental role. This is very often preferred variant. As you can see it here, too, this has a very soothing and warm effect.

Scandinavian set up – what’s this?

Scandinavian furniture dining room chairs Eames Chair

Let this example shows us, before we move on to the Scandinavian furniture. Clear lines and natural materials, in combination with white prevail here. We always say once again: think of Scandinavian forest landscapes! This appearance, calm and serenity to transfer the Scandinavian furniture in the living room!

Calm and serenity in the Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian furniture bookcase wood

Clear lines and natural materials in combination with white

Scandinavian furniture side table drawer white

The Scandinavian furniture

In addition to all the above characteristics, the Scandinavian furniture must be also convenient. You come through properly structured atmosphere at best. We think about the wooden floor and the wide Windows, which can penetrate very much light into the Interior. Next to the white color, also the following nuances would be very fitting of Scandinavian furniture: blue, green, yellow, grey, purple. Natural dyes are also very popular. All of these make for Visual enlargement of the Interior. The wood is very often painted in white. Add commonly known as grey butter. So to remove the yellowish shade of it.

Chairs and furniture by Scandinavian designers

Scandinavian furniture living room tables designer chairs table lamp

Designer furniture in shades of blue

Scandinavian furniture in Blau designer furniture

Minimalism in all aspects

At the Scandinavian furniture would have to proceed typically minimalist to semi minimalist. There are exceptions if you strive for a certain eclectic. The decorations are reduced to the minimum. It focuses on the width. The meaning of this, the Scandinavian furniture could contain even mirror surface.

You can achieve at the same time the different great mirror effects

Scandinavian furniture designer chairs Eames molded plastic chair

The functionality is in the foreground, if you’re looking for Scandinavian furniture

The functionality in the foreground is choosing the Scandinavian furniture. Used furniture that are comfortable and practical, and also that not all too much space occupy. If you love the nuances of Flash, do not worry. You now have the chance to bring them also. You will have wonderful accents in bright rooms.

Functionality and Flash color accents

Scandinavian furniture Scandinavian design ideas

Coffee table and matching chairs

Scandinavian furniture living room design coffee table Chair

Wood furniture with retro design

Scandinavian furniture Scandinavian setting up retro Shic

The lighting and the Scandinavian equipment

The lighting itself is very important, when you the great Scandinavian furniture and equipment in this style generally quite strong coming into its own. Crystal chandeliers and lamps are very much. The use of the fireplace or stove is also of fundamental importance.

In this case, you should set on the pure forms. Most of the time they are placed in the corner.

Designer lighting – origami Wall lamp

Scandinavian furniture Scandinavian setting up ideas

Dining room lamps in the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian furniture designer Chairs Dining chairs

Accessories to the Scandinavian style

Let also briefly on the accessories us, that fit well to the Scandinavian furniture and equipment. You must be gentle and colorful. About carpet, cushion, colorful bowl of fruit would be. How do you find it? Typical Scandinavian, Yes?

Designer chairs by the designer Finn Juhl

Scandinavian furniture designers designer Finn Juhl Chair

Minimalistic, colourful and comfortable

Scandinavian furniture designer chairs green

Designer Chair made of wood and leather

Scandinavian furniture designer chairs wood and leather

Designer Chair by Normann Copenhagen

Scandinavian furniture designer chairs Normann Copenhagen

Designer Chair “Danish teak rocker” by Georg Jensen

Scandinavian furniture Georg Jensen Danish teak rocker

Scandinavian design with retro accent

Scandinavian furniture wood coffee table retro accents

Modern living room tables – set of 3

Scandinavian furniture modern coffee tables living room tables

Eames shell Chair in white

Scandinavian furniture Eames armchair

Wood living room furniture

Scandinavian furniture wood coffee table living room modern set

Stylish white

Scandinavian furniture Scandinavian setting up complete white

Classic black and white

Scandinavian furniture Scandinavian set black white

Butterfly Chair in the living room

Scandinavian furniture Scandinavian set up living room furniture

Retro sofa

Scandinavian furniture Scandinavian setting up brick wall

Stylish wooden chest of drawers

Scandinavian furniture living room Dresser

Decorating ideas with geometric shapes

Scandinavian furniture Scandinavian living room set up floor lamp

Impressive floor lamp in the living room

Scandinavian living room furniture Scandinavian setting up sofa Chair

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