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As you leave enough room for games in the living room living ideas living room – ideas,

The play is a very important part of human development. This is true especially for the children. When people talk of the games, considering how often the children’s playground or children’s room. The little ones must be around but actually around us. It is important that they create the conditions for this, that your children in your neighborhood, in the living room, can play well. How does it work? We want to find out together with you in the next few lines.

Living room, as you make a child-friendly living room interior design ideas

living ideas living room of play area children toys

The children’s toys in order keep interior design ideas living room-

interior design ideas living room children's playground white carpet chic corner sofa

Living room with children’s corner

In our today’s article we want to consider exactly this game option for the little ones – a cozy corner in the living room. Can one one after another go through each element.

Secrete a play area in the living room

living ideas living room interior design ideas storage space playground

Place to play

The right place for the children’s play area must be well ventilated and bright. At the same time it may not take there, so that the children don’t catch a cold. Also, the children’s play area not just in the way should be. There are however certain routes which is always long. The children’s play area should be on the side of these.

In the living room playing, you can constantly monitor your children

living room set up blue corner sofa toys storage

The toys

Many actions have to be combined in the living room. The toys, which likes to have the little ones, must be of limited number and easy to clean up. Thus you also teach the little ones, to respect the space of other people around while they enjoy themselves. Keep baskets ready or secure other stowage and storage facilities, so that you can quickly clean up the toys if you get unexpected visit.

Try to avoid clutter in the living room

living room set toys children's play-room blue sofa disorder

Storage baskets are very appropriate solution in this case

living room set up areas of storage bins toys storage ideas

Center of the games

Children’s play corner should preferably have a well organized and visible Center. This can be for example a larger box, which serves as a playing surface. It can be used for different games. This box can be an impromptu children’s kitchen or a business. A small shop for beautiful, small figures would be another great idea.


If we have a well-established, useful home, we don’t want that his appearance is corrupted by superfluous details. The game corner in the living room must be set up so that good writing in General interior design. Don’t forget to ask your little ones to their liking.

Soft elements

The little ones love to sit on the floor. Save yourself the stress, time and again to persuade them to sit on a sofa or Chair. It is much better, if you distribute soft pillows on the floor, which can sit your children quiet.

You could lay also a carpet on which your children play quietly

secrete living ideas living room children's playground carpet toys

A conversion-ready table for quiet games

One of the tables in the living room you could convert so, that he serves the children as an area for quiet pursuits. These are for example painting, applications, and other such activities.

The children’s play area with children’s furniture set

living ideas living room areas children's games send living room furniture

Watch the little ones during your activities

If you feel the children’s corner in the living room so set up how we just recommend you, then you are a bit like in your little own world. That is on the one hand good. If the children get not enough attention, they might feel at some point to isolated and lonely. For this reason, it is important to demonstrate to your attention and to go more often, to speak with the little ones and they also motivate new games.

Children like to play on the carpet

living room set up play area children grey carpet green wall

Participate in the games

set living room play area children play family

Do you need some ideas for attractive children’s games in the living room? We have some for you ready and would introduce in the next part of the article that you.

Storage ideas for the children’s toys

set up living room storage ideas toys white walls

Allow your children to have fun in the living room

living ideas living room playing children play area of storage space

The usual view, when children are playing in the living room

set toys of playground interior design ideas living room

Leave enough space for games in the small living room

living ideas living room red carpet toys everywhere dark furniture

Children’s toys could also serve as a cool decoration

living ideas living room keep toys storage walls green

Complete your tasks while your children close to play

living ideas living room toys green corner sofa bright carpet

Creative storage ideas for the living room

living ideas living room storage space toys carpeting the walls beige

Order through boxes in the living room hold

living ideas living room storage space toys rug

A common view are toys in your living room?

living room set up Brown living room sofa fireplace toys

Children at play are cute

living room set up play area children colored carpet