Interior Design Ideas – The Style Makes The Difference – Mixing Antique And Modern

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No matter which looks like the apartment, how big it is, how much angle and slant also has it. Every room is really only through the proper and stylish furnishings. It is not important that the furniture selects tone on tone and prepares. It counts the individual taste and style of its own. To provide exceptional design, with a unique touch that is unique and totally detached from the ever-changing fashion trends.

furnishing ideas sideboard styles combine

furnishing ideas art deco occasional tables around ancient modern combine

The own taste decides what is stylish,

Is not always chic, what is just in the trend. Plays an important role especially in furniture. Often just such furniture are chic, who have not lost their charm and their inimitable aura even after decades. Furniture, which are absolutely timeless and are coveted so even among connoisseurs. An absolute no-go is furniture of the discount store for lovers of fine pieces of furniture. You are the Hunter at flea markets, antique markets, dear or looking for specialists, providing, for example, old and antique furniture. Because a space is also still bald, placed a single furniture in a beautiful place, can enchant the entire space with its charm.

innendesign furnishing ideas antique furniture sideboard

A single piece of furniture can enchant

A beautiful, antique sideboard, for example, can be the highlight of the living room. The piece of furniture to a bare wall back, with modern picture frames, or quite simply just beautiful bouquet in an ancient vase to place. And is already out of this simple corner of a room by the sideboard a stylish eye-catcher for every guest. These pieces of furniture by combining with other antique items, even a bare and naked appearing room can radiate warmth and atmosphere.

furnishing ideas home ideas ancient modern sideboard combine

The mix makes it

It is particularly popular among themselves but to mix the furniture in the same room. This means that different styles from different eras can be well together can be combined. It must remain so not necessarily always in a style and stick this always. Take, for example, an old and antique chair from the Chippendale period. He is solid and has known slightly oval-shaped chair legs, generously sized armrests is usually covered with a tapestry fabric.

furnishing ideas antique furniture Chair art deco

The pattern of the fabric are usually flowers and ornaments, which were held in a light lime green. The fabric is still good and hardly worn, one shouldn’t relate him definitely not new. This reference is the original cover and once again illustrates the preciousness of the furniture. The cover is however badly damaged, so you could have, for example, with a State of the art fabric dragging over the antique chair. If one has now set the whole apartment very modern, dark green is the color of the sofa or the cushions around, a dark green cover of the Chair would be perfect.

It grinds to now easily coat the wood elements of the Chair and this coat with a light glaze, this Chair is the highlight of the room guaranteed and can be through not replacing. It is unique and it also emits. Putting still a nice cushion in a different color on the Chair, placing automatically very targeted accents that also one all eyes on these, but draw special Chair.

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