Interior Design Ideas With IKEA Shelves: So Creative You Extra Storage Space

IKEA Shelves modern Rgalsysteme storage space interior design ideas

Conversion-ready interior design ideas with IKEA Shelves

IKEA Shelves characterised precisely guided lines and very clear design. At the same time, they make varied furnishing ideas possible. The Swedish company offers you the opportunity to realize your individual ideas for the design of storage space by simple means.

IKEA Shelves and TV furniture

IKEA shelf living room shelves IKEA TV storage furniture

Creative shelving systems – a DIY construction

IKEA shelf living room Wall shelves themselves make creative furnishing ideas

The furnishing ideas demonstrate the great potential of this furniture with IKEA shelves. In addition, they serve as sources of inspiration. They show that the various ideas can be realized depending on the effort and how.

Interior design ideas with IKEA Shelves

IKEA Shelves practical wooden shelf small white storage ideas

Clever storage ideas

IKEA Shelves shelf wood storage cabinets crates yellow

A large modern library

Want to fit on one of your walls a library. On the basis of IKEA Shelves you could do this. Depending on the number of units she can be different sizes.

Tip: Start with a smaller library. You can always expand in time with other shelf units from IKEA.

Open Wall shelves have a decorative function

IKEA Shelves modern wooden shelves storage wall decoration ideas

Mobile shelving on wheels

IKEA shelf living room shelves wood white storage

How to use chic gold accents…

IKEA Shelves contemporary shelf systems storage ideas

Use the surface of the shelf unit as storage shelf

Shelvings from IKEA can make different high and wide units. The question is how to reach the best possible potential personally. The waiver reduces the storage space on continuous build in height. This opens up other possibilities for decoration.

Thanks to a reduced height of the shelving units, you can use the interface for storing various items. Are there such as your favorite movie collection or may be some great green plants.

Mind the empty wall space which opens on the shelf units? Don’t worry. Here you could spice up the room by some images or other type of wall decoration.

Scandinavian-style interior design ideas

IKEA shelf living room shelving IKEA TV furniture

Create counterpoints to own furniture

Just the regular shelf units are just one of the possible arrangements. They are neutral and represent the best possible manner the design in case of doubt.

Thus the possibilities of IKEA not mutually but shelves.

Living room screens and bookshelves at the same time

IKEA shelf living room divider storage ideas

Through the various customization options, you can use it as a complement or mirror image of your furniture. You may correspond with their shapes and heights or are compared with this.

These properties make them suitable super for the modern ambience

IKEA Shelves open Wall shelves wood storage

Practical wall decoration ideas

IKEA shelf living room open Wall shelves

Use sense unusual niches and architectural elements

Unusual niches in the wall are a real gift, if you know them well to use. You can do this through the shelves of IKEA pretty easily. You can run them in the wall color. To provide a seamless appearance. By contrast shading you would in turn spice up the view.

Bathroom shelves – so the small niche used optimally to the usage

IKEA shelf bathroom shelf wood storage space practically

Flanking a central element of the wall decoration

The free wall with an appealing central element is very popular lately. You can accompany this with two columns of IKEA shelves. Thus they ensure at the same time the presence of multi functional storage elements.

According to the same principle, you could flank the great central pieces of furniture.

The wall color also plays a significant role

IKEA Shelves open Wall shelves wall color red storage ideas

Creative ideas – bookcase around the door

IKEA shelves original storage ideas

Built-in shelves

The IKEA can units are furthermore also as installation units. In this case, we would recommend the integrated lighting. You can successfully illuminate the dark corners in the room by this. Thus, dark premises can illuminate, make more comfortable and visually enlarge.

Fill the space under a staircase

You want to use the space beneath a staircase make sense? Also in this case the IKEA can serve shelves beautifully. You could build a library or unit with other accumulating there. Also, the IKEA wonderfully serve shelves as a supplement to a built-in work station.

Practical laptop table

IKEA shelf living room shelves storage space wooden ladder laptop table

Kitchen shelves made of stainless steel

IKEA Kitchen shelving modern Shelving Storage ideas

Easily create order in the nursery

IKEA Shelves children's shelf wood storage bookcase

Matching shelves for the attic room

IKEA Shelves roof room design shelf wood storage space practically

Functional design domestic room

IKEA Shelves domestic study design space ideas

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