Interior Design Ideas With Palm-prints – Inspiration From The Tropics

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interior design ideas green emerald green wall color pattern

Fresh Interior ideas, inspired by the tropics

Palm leaves are one of the typical symbols of the tropics. One associates it with a wonderful summer holiday by the sea. Imagine, can relax in a hammock under the Palm trees, the Sun is shining and feel happy, calm and free of all worries. And now transfer this feeling into your home. We like to tell you how you could do it effortlessly.

The relaxing green color definitely deserves to have space in your home furnishings. And the palm leaf pattern is very trendy in recent times and been told. Connect these two components and you could achieve a good result. Trust our fresh home design ideas with palm frond prints and give a tropical look to your living area.

Tropical palms in your entrance hall

Nothing says better “warmly welcome” as a wallpaper with large illustrated palm leaves in the entrance hall.

Green with gold is aristocratic

interior design ideas green emerald green wallpaper pattern Palm fronds gold color

Floor lamp with Palm leaf pattern

fresh design ideas green wall wallpaper pattern Palm tree

They must address the topic of “Tropical palms” every room in your home, but we would like to introduce possible variants for each room.

Living room

How can you use the Palm tree pattern in your living room Interior?

Refined graphic pattern on the wall in the living room

fresh living room interior design ideas green print Palm fronds of Musetr prints

Patterned cushion and a stylish coffee table in green

green interior design ideas living room coffee table Grün Dkokissen Palm tree pattern

If the palm leaf pattern for your taste is too pompous, you decorate your living room with a real palm leaf.

Do you like this subtle flower decoration? We find it very stylish and exotic

green interior design ideas living room sofa palm leaf

A bouquet of large Palms

fresh living room interior design ideas green houseplants zebra pattern

An example of the work room

In the Home Office, you need to create a relaxing atmosphere. Wallpaper with a fresh floral pattern is one of the most practical solutions.

Work under the Palm trees

interior design ideas green study room wallpaper pattern palm leaf

Kitchen and dining room

In the kitchen and the dining room you can apply a photo wallpaper, or decorate with fresh palm leaves.

Create a lively atmosphere by using topical plants

green interior design ideas kitchen sofa Palm floral

Wall and photo wall-papers provide rich opportunities for an original wall decoration. Supplement them with matching prints on the upholstered Chair cushions

interior design ideas green dining room wall decoration Palms


Many options available – again the wall decoration, curtains, bed linen and even the furniture are in the bedroom. This bedroom including is a typical example. The green shades and patterns represent a successful and ausgegliche combination.

Find the balance and create a harmonious atmosphere

living ideas In the bedroom green facilities bedding

If only the bed linen is our tropical theme

living ideas In the bedroom green bedding Palm tree pattern

Matching wallpaper with Palm tree pattern and bedroom furniture in bright green

green living ideas In the bedroom wallpaper pattern

Here the wallpaper pattern is this from the example above very similar but with a greenish tint

living ideas In the bedroom wall decoration wallpaper pattern


Forget not the bathroom. You could turn it into your little tropical oasis.

Wallpaper in the bathroom? Why not, if you have a good bathroom ventilation. And put the finishing touches to tropical houseplants

light green interior design ideas bath patterned wallpaper tropical houseplants

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