Interior Design With Rugs By Novogratz

Editor   March 20, 2013   Comments Off on Interior Design With Rugs By Novogratz

interior design rugs Novogratz sofa dining room

Interior design with rugs by Novogratz – the family rug, as well as blue sofa with cushions and great Chair

Rug can have a big impact, based on interior design, and the family rug from Novogratz is a great discovery for the living room. The word “Family” is in uppercase in the shaft of the carpet. Closer look it adds to a modern geometric quality room and if you want to select a colorful rug, arises a splashes of color to the many schemes to be coordinated. Viewed from afar, you can see the big picture – this message of the family is good for any family home. As is it, that this rug – delivered by Novogratz to us an Interior that is designed by a team of decoration consisting of wife and husband, leaves a mark in the industrial world. Oh, and this family has seven children! The rug is made this spring in a larger Edition and helps you in finding ideas for an interior design with rugs by Novogratz. For more information, visit the Novogratz-inter page.

Great black and white rug for the living room, sofa with cushions and white armchair in the corner

interior design rugs Novogratz sofa carpet

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