Japanese Decoration Ideas For Your European Home

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Japanese decoration In Japanese-style wall decoration ideas

Great Japanese decoration

What do you know actually about Japan? We are talking about a country which occupies the easternmost point on Earth according to geography. That’s why it is called also the land of the rising sun. Japan is a country which centuries of traditions. But the people are at the same time, there live some of the most dynamic in the world. Keep how long their history may be, 10 years for a very long period.

The traditional Japanese style has inspired us

Japanese decoration ornaments In Japanese-style garlands

Effectiveness is in all aspects. This is true both for the construction of skyscrapers, creating a cosy atmosphere at home.

Festive Street decoration in Japan

Japanese decoration ornaments garlands road decoration

Japanese interior design

How are these characteristics on the Japan decorations reflected now? Let’s together see how it works before we discuss their integration in our own home design. The Japanese decoration represents the belief that man can create such great performances only if one is able to keep the inner harmony. Therefore, they are very well received regardless of cultural context.

Japanese-style interior design ideas

Japanese decoration bedroom Japanese-style

Japan and the far East

As in all traditions of educational, the order of the universe and the harmony prevails here. For their achievement, the colors are leader in the Japanese decoration. That’s why you should be very careful when choosing a color.

Colours skilfully combine

Japanese decorative Japanese-style dining room

The most important of the colours are black and white. That is definitely not random. They contain first, all other nuances and shades in itself. In addition, they show the two opposites – good and bad. We dive into the topic a bit further and consider for specific application the two colors you have.

Neutral shades provide the balance in the Interior

Japanese decoration ideas with houseplants Japanese bed

Use the energy of plants

Japanese decoration ideas with house plants Succulents

Black at the Japan-decoration

To use black on the outer walls, and in very many different ornaments. Where must you note here, that what we refer to as minimalism, prevails in Japan for many years. So we think with ornaments very discreet jewellery details.

So we decorated a garden party

Japanese decorative garden party decorating

White and the other neutral colors such as beige are always on the insides of buildings in architecture. This finds a counterpart in the smaller objects.

And so you can decorate your living room wall

Japanese decorative wall design ideas tattoo

The decoration in Japan as an infinite search

The decoration in Japan can be described as a ceaseless search for harmony. You rediscovered it in the balance between color and form. The natural materials, and concrete wood, bamboo and paper, play a leading role. Also the straight and clean lines are of fundamental importance.

Looking for harmony

Japanese decoration ideas with houseplants Feng Shui

Free walls

Within the Japanese interior design, you have a lot of space for decoration. This is because that the furniture is positioned in the middle of the room. Thus, a lot of space left on all walls.

Sufficient space for decoration

Japanese decoration living room design and decorating

The table

The table design is very important within the Japanese decoration. The table is the central element in a room. Here you will find also the emanation of the rules, which are important. All items must be very strictly geometric. Each line must at the same time represent a vector.

A Japanese dining room

Japanese decoration dining room In Japanese-style wall decoration

The table itself is low and painted in black. He is also wide and worked out of cedar wood. The dish itself has been created from wood according to tradition. To sit, you have only thin mattresses.

Minimal tables wood furniture in the living room

Japanese decoration living room Japanese style

The design in any form, even when the decoration in the Japanese style, has a very strict character. One associates with attention to every detail. The details must harmonize with each other wonderfully.

A vibrant wall color as an accent

Japanese decoration living room Japanese style wall green

Modern features are there, but these traditional characteristics have not changed with the times. Have a place in your House so the Japanese decoration and interior design?

Energetic atmosphere in the traditional Japanese colors

Japanese decoration living room Japanese style wall decoration ideas

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