Japanese Design – Minimalistic Inspiration

minimalist inspiration loft modern white dominant color

Minimalistic inspiration – Japanese, traditional Zen philosophy influenced the simple, natural motifs in the minimalist architecture and design. Line, shape, space, light, and materials are only a small part of this world-famous design. An accent is put on the absence of inner walls, to open more room and to allow an organic transition from the Interior to the exterior. Japanese architects like Tadao Ando have used materials, geometry, and nature in their projects and thereby created a close bond between natural space, construction site and the building. Here, we present the designs that stay true to the minimalism in the Japanese interior.

Typical Japanese cuisine in a minimalist style

eating Japanese style wooden texture minimalist inspiration idea

Natural light illuminates the entire room – Japanese design

minimalist inspiration treads modern white orange color
Japanese minimalist design paints materials ideas

The original wood trim and the white elements reflect on the whole look of this living room and the daylight illuminates it everywhere.

The whole place brightens oversized glass walls – daylight

glass walls light minimalist design Interior idea Japanese

Traditional, classic furniture make the interior of the living room really stylish and attractive. The idea of the designer was the empty space so to use that more energy and light move in space.

Sliding doors make a whole the Interior and exterior design

sliding door large optical space dining room Japanese minimalist

Sliding doors allow the Japanese foreign and interior design to combine each other.

Urban, Japanese design from above photographed

minimalist decoration table Japanese idea design style

Urban Japanese design presents the essential lifestyle through the use of materials such as wood, metal, and glass.

Japanese nursery – colorful idea, modern design

nursery idea curtains colors accent minimalist Japanese

White and neutral colors contrast with the sleek, minimalist design, while brilliant colors can be seen in the Japanese nursery.

Light equipment in the Japanese House – the Designer idea

modern white minimalist bedroom inspiration idea design Japanese style
minimalist inspiration wood motifs ground white equipment
sliding door idea Bedroom wood floor minimalist
urban living room sofa Stripe Pillow stairs wood plastic materials
white modern living room idea design minimalist
dark Japanese idea style design minimalist inspiration

Wooden motifs and furniture in the Japanese kitchen minimalist inspiration in the bedroom, hardwood floors and white interior combination of different materials white, minimalist design – decorative plants todominant, dark kitchen design equipment –

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