Japanese Style – 30 Installation Examples To Look To Interior Design

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Exotic styles in interior design: Japanese style

Looking for design ideas, which appear at the same time exotic and minimalist? Select the African or the Japanese style. Today, we discuss the characteristics of the second.

Interior design ideas in Japanese-style

interior design Japanese style bathroom furniture floor pebbles

Added to the Minimalismuswird here the pursuit after perfect lines and eco-friendly development. The Japanese style in interior design installs you doing harmony home with just a few Gegenständen.Vergessen from the beginning by the random and unnecessary items!

Open living plan and natural wall decoration

Japanese style interior design houseplants

The popularity of Japanese-style mainly explains that there almost lack the robust walls and interlocking. Natural materials are used for the space Division. For example, light wood and Bambus.Die are all design is open and appears very easy.

Natural materials dominate even in the wall decoration

Japanese style interior design harmonious furnishing ideas

In a traditional Japanese House, one sits on the ground to eat. Entertainment is also there with family and friends. For this reason, the convenient floor design is very important for this style.

All items are so spread out that sitting on it is very comfortable. Typical materials for its execution are wood in bright colours, ceramic tiles, like other materials with rattan-like texture.

Comfortable ground

interior design Japanese style flooring

Wood floor even in the bathroom

Japanese style bathroom furniture interior design design

The colors used are in accordance with the natural materials that dominate in the room. The combination is typical of white and black, dark brown and light beige.

Also the nuances of water lilies, ash and bamboo in green and beige are popular. Accents like white, black and cherry red.

Neutral colors that go well together

interior design bathroom furniture Japanese style bathtub

Also the furniture are prepared mainly from natural materials. For a specific exotic appearance, we can use also the typical pieces of furniture for the Japanese-style: this is for example the typical Dresser “Tansu”, the typical movable room dividers, the tatami mats and futons.

Inviting atmosphere

interior design Japanese style bathroom furniture wall decoration

Japanese style used a limited number of textiles. You are always very simple and natural. Especially the following materials are used: cotton, wool, linen and silk.

Textiles, creating coziness

interior design in Japanese-style living room furniture sideboards

The lighting in the typical Japanese interior design is possible of course. The artificial lights have usually quadratic, cubic, or round shapes. They are made of paper or textile elaborated.

As much natural light

interior design in Japanese-style dining area make

To complete the Japanese interior design concept, you can distribute some distinctive for these cultural objects in the room. There are for example ikebana arrangements, bonsai trees, ceramic vases, ceiling with hieroglyphics. It is very important that the technology remains hidden.

Items in the interior design

Japanese style bathroom furniture interior design relaxation

Decorating ideas with stones

interior design in Japanese-style wall decoration ideas

Japanese style bathroom furniture interior design ideas

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