Kitchen Design Ideas – More Space In The Small Kitchen

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small kitchen practical interior design ideas

More space in the small kitchen: super practical kitchen design ideas

Which become more and more for the budget and living together in important everyday actions are taking place in the kitchen. At the same time, we live in ever closer premises. What do you do in such situation? Designers find more and more solutions to make possible more of the room of the kitchen. We have some typical modern kitchen design ideas found out that always and everywhere occur. Here they are!

1. light nuances

More and more and ever larger they are used in the kitchen. White, cream, milk, ivory, blue, light green. Not only walls and ceilings, but also desktops run in these.

Small compact kitchen set

kitchen design ideas small room

2. not more than two Flash colors

Against the background of the shading of the light Flash colors are very strong. More than two such you should not look however. Otherwise this seems much too overwhelming.

Orange wall color

Orange wall decoration kitchen white cabinets

Wood furniture in the kitchen

kitchen design ideas wood furniture white technique

3. vertical, rather than horizontal alignment

Even in the smallest kitchen, you need very lots of cabinets. You should divide but this as much as possible in the high, to have more movement and seat.

Space saving is important

kitchen design ideas vertical alignment

4. many drawers

As possible, so that as little unnecessary stuff lying around, you should incorporate so many drawers. In these, you then distribute the things that you need for a comfortable and healthy life in the kitchen.

Large storage area

kitchen design ideas of great storage room

5. open shelves

Wide and airy kitchens can be created by open shelves. But they should look not overcrowded and messy. Otherwise, it achieved the opposite.

Beautiful child harness

kitchen design ideas open Wall shelves

6. carefully choose the table and chairs

To the table and the chairs look out so, that they occupy as little space, but are at the same time so comfortable to sit. The opposite makes the stay there quite uncomfortable.

Round table design ensures more convenience

round table design chairs

7. pull round tables and corner sofa in recital

These are forms which basically less place to offer the same seating.

Corner sofa in the small kitchen saves space

matching table corner sofa cushion

8 multifunctional furniture and many hoes

Furniture, that on you – and may collapse, as well as chopping this one gives more tread and a spacious appearance.

Hang utensils on the wall

small kitchen design order

9 use sense window and other banks

This area may be left not unused. You can bring them as sitting, storage or work space used.

10 jewelry and decorative accessories

If you would like to feel comfortable in a room, then you can forgo never fresh decoration, how about plants like this one. Images, photographs and other art also brighten the room.

Plant on the dining table

modern small kitchen set

Everything must be quickly accessible

small kitchen functionality order

Order and cleanliness are important in any kitchen!

small kitchen order clean

Good selection of furniture for the kitchen

kitchen set kitchen furniture corner sofa

White furnishings and dark work surface

kitchen design ideas white furnishings

Beautiful decoration

L-shaped countertop drawers including

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