Kitchen Design Italian Style – 33 Stunning Examples Of Modern Kitchen Design

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Kitchen design Italian style: traditional and modern variants

Italian kitchen design offers a unique combination of advantages that can be found no where else: it combines the stylish look and the family-friendly atmosphere in itself. Here, the needs of the modern man are combined with the essence of the Italian aesthetic. The final design is elegant, authentic and with nothing to confuse others.

We look at now more accurately, how the individual aspects of the Italian concept of the kitchen design contribute to this fabulous result.

The color palette of the Italian kitchen design

The color palette of the Italian kitchen design should be elegant and at the same time classic character. A typical choice is the black and white design in combination with stainless steel surfaces.

They can select other color combinations as soon as they comply with the aforementioned properties. The shades and the functionality should meet together your personal needs. The success of Italian design is in large part is that he achieved a personal and bespoke look. While everything should be natural and restrained.

Modern kitchen design Italian style

kitchen design wise kuchenmobel cake line high gloss

To neutral, earthy shades, also a few fresh accents fit

kitchen design adunkles wood cake fronts parquet yellow cake regale

The ambiance looks but also very dignified in darker shades

kitchen design Italian cake modern

Wide room

The Italian kitchen design is unthinkable without the sufficient space. Normally, this offers enough space for a kitchen island and other work areas.  Go for the seamless look. This is achieved with hidden and built-in storage space so that clutter and randomly distributed items are reduced as far as possible to the minimum.

The lighting

The lighting is another aspect of the distinctive Italian cuisine. These should be plentiful and come from many sources. So everything stays beautiful and natural.

The use of accent lighting and recessed lighting is important. These should be distributed absolutely over the kitchen island, the desk and on the cabinets.

Stainless steel and aluminium in Matt or gloss are again fully in trend

cake kitchen design Italian modern kuchendesign bright wood aluminium matt gloss

Ultra modern Italian kitchen design

The aforementioned traits of Italian kitchen design make these appear timeless. Some additional aspects can provide but a ultra modern character.

Ultra modern ergonomics by Pedini

pedini kitchen design ergonomic kitchen oval pendant lamp way kuchenmobel

kuchendesign kitchen design Italian modern pedini kitchen cake Island

Artfully and shiny

One or two pieces of the design would make appear your Italian kitchen design yet modern. To emphasize this aspect even more, you can continue to brilliant surfaces.  Emphasize this by additional lighting in a color matching to the ambience.

The claim on uniformity in the Italian interior design is the clear lines, as well as the stylish appearance. These can include at the same time traditional and innovative moves.  Stylization and fusion, the design should work eventually minimalist and ultra-modern.

New interpretation of rustic design

kitchen design Italian modern design kitchen cottage-style

kitchen design classic living style-gray cakes barrier light wood cake Island

cake design rustic rustic Italian kitchen design

kitchen design rustic pie Italian design yellow carefully natural wood cake fronts

cake design traditional design Italian cake rustic

Straight lines and metallic gloss

high gloss wood kitchen design-dark cake fronts yellow fusboden

kitchen design Italian kitchen aluminum fronts ergonomic kuchendesign

kitchen design Italian cake open cake regale aluminium cake Island

cake design kuchendesign Italian cake way cake barrier aluminum

kitchen design-matt metal cake Island hood dark wood dining table way cake barrier gloss

kitchen design minimalist kuchendesign red cake Island work flat black wise cake barrier

Valuable wood textures and muted colors

ergonomic kitchen design modern kitchen kuchendesign cake Island

cake creation cake island wood ergonomic kitchen design Italian kitchen bright

kitchen design Italian kitchen marble work flat cake Island

kitchen design Italian kitchen modern kuchendesign grey cake line dark wood fronts

kitchen design Italian kitchen way cake barrier unterschranke dark wood veneers

cake design-Italian kuchendesign bright wooden cake fronts aluminium wise cake Island

cake design kuchendesign Italian kuchenmobel cake line

kuchendesign kitchen design Italian holzmobel cake line minimalist furnishings

kitchen design minimalist style bright wood creme white glass fronts kuchenmobel

modern kitchen design kuchenmobel Italian kuchendesign yellow upper barrier wise dining table

fronts cake design black polished dark wood cake Island

It can be but also quiet a bit more colorful…

cake design-Italian design modern kitchen

Italian kitchen purple color glossy cake barrier

kitchen design-red cake barrier grey cake back wall table glass

kitchen design cake way modern kuchendesign cake Island

Ruby-colored kitchen design cake barrier cake line matt floor tiles granite gloss

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