Kitchen Set – 15 Great Ideas In The Minimalist And Scandinavian Style

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kitchen set up minimalist Skaninavischer style

How can your kitchen set up – 15 great combinations of function and minimalism in Scandinavian kitchen

Do you give a collection of “real” which work wonderfully and where people indeed live happily in the Scandinavian style? We will offer you just that. Maybe one of these kitchens that will inspire then you, to set up your own in a similar style.

Ask yourself, which all of these examples are connected? They are clean, beautiful and hygienic. The next fifteen pictures are great examples of function and minimalism in a Scandinavian style. Curious? Then continue!

Bulthaup kitchen

Kitchen set up minimalistic Skaninavisch Bulthaup kitchen

In the kitchen you should bring in a lot of light and it should show clear lines, which are at the same time warm and elegant. You have here with various types of wood, stones and metal materials to do. It brings also softer substances in use such as silk and paper with water color. They are wonderful for this room with rigorous lines, shapes, and clearly defined geographical division.

Dixon and Betty

kitchen set up minimalistic Dixon and Betty

This kitchen could be a bit edgy with its formal cabinets, marble surfaces and high cooktop box. But the ochre industrial pendant lamps reduce to the minimum the sensitive factor.

Elephant kitchen

kitchen set up minimalistic elephant kitchen kitchen island wood

The cuisine here is simple, clean and really functional. This is to owe the butcher-like countertops.

Scandinavian style kitchens

kitchen set up minimalist Scandinavian design tile floor

Note the free remote ceiling design and this of the luminaires in the room.

Haus am see

kitchen set up minimalist Skaninavischer style Lake House

You can see a Shaker profile on this island Bank. You seem like a star in this reduced equipped industrial kitchen. It has to do with a Matt polyurethane finish. The recycled oak embellished the whole thing through the grain, knots, and the highlights. This is a wonderful example, these cabinets can appear as timeless.

Los Angeles modern kitchens

kitchen set up minimalistic of Skaninavisch Los Angeles

The kitchen is the natural home of this empty vases, which you should store next to the sink to fill with water for fresh flowers.

They were housed next to the white ware. They look just right on the open shelves.

Mountain Home residence

kitchen set up minimalistic Skaninavisch country house residence rustic dining table

Don’t like white? Then you should try it with cream. It’s a warm neutral shade, which could warm up the kitchen in a great way.

North Bristol refactoring

minimalist kitchen set up Scandinavian design North Bristol re model

The sight of the white kitchen is similar to this on freshly washed clothes. One has a feeling of cleanliness and feel addressed the general picture is seamless. Also this room here shows exactly such characteristics.

San Francisco contemporary kitchen

modern kitchen set up simple minimalist San Francisco

This unique floating light body absorb the curves of ceramic tiles. Otherwise prevail here only straight lines.

San Francisco kitchen

kitchen set up minimalistic Skaninavisch country house style San Francisco

The first floor has repressive low ceilings. One experienced shag carpets, weathered tiles and closed premises also. The home owner here love it, big corporations from family and friends to entertain and need an open living plan.

Scandinavian renewals

modern kitchen set up simple minimalist

Combine your kitchen and the living room. You want to see but certainly penetrated not your kitchen in the living room alone, or?

Arrange your units of the wall along and find a surface which wonderfully inscribes itself in the rest of the room. The weathered wood here is taken up again and again in the design of the walls.

Open shelves keep the look light and less “küchenhaft” in contrast to the wall units.

Scandinavian style kitchens

white kitchen minimalist Scandinavian style set

The fruits of the range are simply gorgeous. The care of this kitchen will be certainly exhausting, but if you are really sure, the kitchen will look like always like new.

Steamboat island

black white kitchen minimalist set

I myself in this kitchen in love and you? White cabinets and walls in combination with black AGA look great.

The passage

white kitchen minimalist setting up Scandinavian accents blue

A gossip from cobalt blue gives a homely feel of this renewed, white kitchen. She looks beautiful also.

US contemporary kitchen

modern kitchen set up minimalistic rustic

This kitchen area shows a great Scandinavian sensibility. Shutters and trim give the ambiance a special look.  Parsons chairs keep comfortable the hull of the things, but straight forward.

How to find the current group of designs? Would a combination of minimalism and functionality your thing?

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