Kitchen With Colored Accents: 44 Installation Examples

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Colorful accents in the kitchen: so you can introduce these

The minimalist style has prevailed for several reasons in the kitchen. First, he is very fit within an open plan. If you take the same color as in the living room, all despite diverse details seems consistent. At the same time keeps a sense of width and openness through the seamless look. But sometimes, the minimalist style of cuisine is somewhat boring. Then, the colored accents come to help! These can be introduced easily and in different ways. Here are some examples.

Kitchen equipment – a nice carpet pattern freshens the minimalist kitchen

high-quality interior design kitchen ideas of carpet runner pattern set hanging lamps

Coloured textiles

The coloured textiles are the first possible solution. You can both occur on the decorative pillows and be selected for the upholstery of chairs or stools. We would have larger surfaces and pieces of furniture in a neutral shade. Otherwise, the seamless look could be lost.

The eye cover kitchen equipment – colored bar stool

high-quality interior design home ideas kitchen colored stool

Select carpet runners and bar stools in the same hue

kitchen of rug runner bar stool white kitchen island

Colored surprises

The color can work very effectively, especially when it is used in very small quantities. For example you can use a Flash between some neutral shaded stools. You can do the same with the containers for spices. There are still very many brightly coloured interior surfaces of modern lights. Flower vases and fruit bowls, which contain these colors, can complete the kitchen Interior.

Red coffee maker brings atmosphere in the interior design

kitchen color devices minimalist kitchen set

Fresh color accents

high-quality interior design green living ideas kitchen accents wood textures

Accents of wood

The color of the wood can be neutral or striking. That hangs together with the background. In a minimalist kitchen, which like to combine glass, stone and metal, and where dominate also metallic and bright shades, wooden seats would be the perfect way to set accents.

Wood accents in the minimalist style

home ideas kitchen wooden accents hardwood floors white walls

Wooden kitchen accents DIY ideas, how to

kitchen wooden wall shelf bar stool light grey walls

A wall and a table

Do you have children? Like to paint them? Much love to… You can turn that to the advantage! Make room for a video wall and a table. Let your little ones there with colored pencils, paint and make up perhaps a few family pictures.

Unusual wall stickers make for good mood in the kitchen

kitchen coloured accents minimalist küchendesign

Unusual accent wall as an eye-catcher in the kitchen

wohniddeen kitchen white furnishings black accent wall color accents

A work of art on the wall

Abstract art can be the perfect method for managing color in the kitchen. If everything is otherwise minimalist and restrained, you can afford here the combination of some garish shades.

Funny mural revives the stone wall in the kitchen

high quality interior design home ideas dining room wanddesign murals

Every day a new color

You must not really focus permanently on a particular type of decoration or a few colorful accents. Keep quite simply in the sense that the color very well does your kitchen. Do something in this respect if you choose things that they use there: the kitchen utensils, the bowl of fruit on the kitchen island, or simply the cloth with wipe the dishes to which.

Fresh colors enhance the room

kitchen green wall tiles colored accents

The color accents are very important within a minimalist kitchen facilities. At the same time, their introduction is not that difficult and can be done in many creative ways. The examples shown are an inspiration and we hope that you will risk being put on ideas for its own strategies.

Subtle accents in the minimalist kitchen

high-quality interior design kitchen set wooden textures dekoideen

Beautiful fabric samples as decoration in the dining area

high-quality interior design beautiful carpet dining area

Minimalist design with wood accents

high-quality interior white flooring wood textures

Simple lines and a few accents

high-quality interior design home ideas kitchen of dekovasen minimalist kitchen set

Decorate the kitchen in style with color

high-quality interior design home ideas kitchen kitchen dining table grey floor tiles

Orange accents bring a fresh touch to the room

kitchen freistehnede kitchen island-colored dekovasen Raffen blinds light grey floor tiles

Combine colors very discreetly in the minimalist kitchen

kitchen yellow accents hanging lamps brighter carpet

Yellow work surface ensures vitality in the brown-white interior

kitchen yellow plate work modern bar stool

A yellow kitchen island can seem very fresh little kitchen

kitchen yellow kitchen island-coloured wall tiles colored carpet

Wooden work surface and hardwood floors

kitchen green accents wooden floor

Fruits are themselves a decoration in the kitchen

kitchen wood accents black wall tiles

Colored Bowl provide some color in a minimalist kitchen

kitchen orange Bowl minimalist kitchen

kitchen green red bar stool white kitchen island kitchen back wall

home ideas kitchen out fancy kitchen Island plant

kitchen green accents Chair harness

kitchen white colored accents kitchen cabinets

kitchen white colored device establishment

kitchen colored carpet runner floor tiles grey under cabinets

kitchen coloured tableware red kitchen furniture

kitchen green chairs bright floor tiles wood textures

kitchen wooden accents grey wall tiles

kitchen Blackboard wall white kitchen cabinets

kitchen strips carpet grey kitchen cabinets

kitchen rug runner blue stool

kitchen carpet runners hardwood floors open closets

kitchen Blackboard smaller dining area

kitchens white kitchen cabinets black accent wall wood textures

kitchen little green accents

home ideas kitchen colored accents yellow minimalist design

home ideas kitchen yellow accents light grey walls

home ideas kitchen yellow bar stools kitchen island dark brown flooring

home ideas kitchen minimalist kitchen coloured accents black kitchen cabinets

home ideas kitchen Orange carpet white dining table furnishings

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