Laminate Tile Look, Vinyl Or Cork? Trends In The Flooring

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laminate tiles look stylish living room

Laminate tile look and more alternatives for modern floor coverings

Floor coverings are the customers long before a large selection. But pushing through the continuous development of the materials, now increasingly new and innovative soil trends on the market that offer not only a new look, but also new functionality the user. Linoleum-, vinyl, Cork, laminate floors in tile look or even carpet tiles set new trends of Interior Design this year. But what variations represent a real alternative to the traditional carpets, tile, and laminate flooring and what floor is actually suitable for what purpose?


The trend of the floor covering made of vinyl is spreading. What was previously unthinkable, most recently became more popular for terraces and outdoor flooring and has become a popular means of style now also in the Interior. This is on the one hand because vinyl in all possible lenses there, from wood to stone, while always maintaining the advantages of the new material here. These lie mainly in especially good hygienic properties, as well as a very good price / performance ratio for vinyl. The installation is straightforward and can be made frequently by the residents themselves, without having to purchase an expensive specialist. At the same time, vinyl floors have a reputation as particularly environmentally and health friendly. Vinyl floors are therefore increasingly placed in many surgeries. They are also suitable for underfloor heating and-kühlungen and by its resistance to moisture in the bathroom or in the kitchen can be used.

The discovery of vinyl was a real breakthrough in the recording industry

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But vinyl floors are not only advantages but also disadvantages: they can be placed on a solid surface, not give in to pressure. Therefore no vinyl floors can be installed over cork or carpeted floors. Also is a “working” material which is why must tightly screwed no furniture, such as for example the dentist’s Chair, with the ground. Depending on, how big is the room in which the vinyl floor is laid out, hence an expansion joint must be spared. This is recommended every ten meters. Who must dispose of its old vinyl floor, can do so only in an incinerator. With the acquisition of new soil must be sure then that this was produced in the European Union under the appropriate conditions. Otherwise, hazardous softeners can be included.


The floors made of Cork is the same material that is used in wine bottles as closure. But who now imagines a little eco-look, which is misleading is enormous. Cork can, much like vinyl and laminate, accept various optics. But how it looks compared to vinyl and laminate? Cork is very elastic and has an excellent insulating effect. In addition, it is impermeable to water which is why it was chosen as wine and sparkling wine closure. Especially for environmentally aware people, Cork is a good alternative to tiles or hardwood floors, since it’s a natural and 100% renewable raw material. Cork is usually in the form of tiles laid and glued to the surface. There are to buy it as well as abstract patterns developed and printed from white to grey to dark honey tones. The four to six millimeters thick floor tiles are by their good insulation for living spaces, which like barefoot explains. Due to its antistatic effect, ensures more dust in the household of a cork floor and can be maintained easily by regularly mopping and vacuuming. These special characteristics suited the cork flooring ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Cork is no longer used due to its numerous advantages as a bottle cap

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But also the Cork expands and can be moved only with expansion joints. In addition, not all cork flooring for floor heating systems are suitable and not all Cork floors are really health – and environment-friendly. Some solvent-based coatings used during processing to seal, which later to unpleasant fumes can cause. In addition, the selection of colors and variations is limited and the ground must be sealed every five years new. Who do not regularly maintains its cork flooring, annoys sometime about oil and dirt stains. Damage caused by sharp objects also quickly. All in all it is at the bottom of the Cork a comparatively costly flooring. There are Cork for more information about the material on Cork

Laminate tile look

Just as there are wood look floor tiles , there are now also laminate flooring tile look. So, the benefits of the classic can be combined well with new optical possibilities. Finally, laminate has always been cheap and easy to maintain. The laminate flooring, much like the vinyl floors, can be laid very easily even the click function. That makes it one of the most popular and best selling floor coverings of in Germany. What formerly known as “inexpensive wood substitute” was decried, is available in numerous different variations of high-quality looking today. Due to the melanin resin-sealed surface laminate is a very durable flooring. He is both shock – and abrasion-resistant and light – and heat-resistant. The laminate can be moved freely over virtually any existing floor covering and is best suited for underfloor heating systems. This is especially handy for rental housing may be modified substantially. While the wood look is still the most popular, concrete, stone and terracotta designs are becoming increasingly popular. There are these so-called special formats and more information here in the shop by

Modern laminate flooring

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There are two drawbacks but also on the laminate: the material is sensitive to moisture and therefore only conditionally suited to the wet areas. There are specially sealed special productions, which however also correspondingly more to taste. In addition, a laminate flooring offers no soundproofing. A sound insulation must therefore be made or the laminate tile look is installed through a thick carpet.



large optical choices
good price / performance ratio
excellent hygienic properties
a stand-alone installation
suitable for underfloor heating

can be installed only on a solid surface
working material
every ten meters, an expansion joint must be incorporated
tighten any furniture
Disposal in incineration plants are possible
When making a purchase outside the EU might contain harmful plasticizers


renewable resource
100% natural material
good insulating function
impervious to water
warm surface for Barefoot
sound damping
easy to clean
particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

working material
must be installed with expansion joints
unpleasant odour may occur depending on the solvent
Colors and patterns are limited
all five year new coating required
Patch and vulnerability
Costly to purchase and maintain


easy to clean
run through click system itself
impact and abrasion resistant
light – and heat-resistant
can be installed over any existing floor
particularly useful for apartments for rent
suitable for underfloor heating

sensitive to moisture
No soundproofing

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