Larch Wood In Comparison With Other Types Of Wood

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Advantages of larch wood in comparison with other types of wood

An absolutely objective comparison between different types of wood is void, because it would be different depending on the context and design. Therefore we would by no means basically explain for example (or vice versa) better than pine larch wood for your interior design.

In the following we deal with the question of why the first material is increasingly chosen by many designers.

Why is larch wood considered a modern alternative

advantages of larch forest wood material

larch wood advantages wood material commodities

According to the opinion of many experts, larch wood is a more modern choice compared to pine or oak and other popular variants. Larch has the usual aesthetic advantages, about which designer choose again and again for wood instead of artificial materials. In addition, it has many practical advantages such as flexibility, strength and insulation. Larch wood is very resistant to frost and moisture. It wins many points among the people which are looking for sustainable solutions for the interior design, because it is easily biodegradable and the furniture it created exceptionally long endure.

The durability of the larch wood is paired with an ease. It is very persistent, although it shows no such large density such as oak.

This material is environmentally friendly also for another reason: it takes little processing so that it is used for furniture production.

You bring the healing power of nature is home to

advantages of larch wood wooden table plate

larch wood advantages lay wooden floor

In the larch wood contain a number of natural adhesives and resins. To protect the material, from rot and wood worms. The same ingredients still find a use in medicine and are used for the healing of many diseases. You have the ability to clean the air and be used for this purpose even in some areas poisoned by radiation.

The fire and temperature resistance of larch wood are very high. She is again 30% higher compared to pine.

Disadvantages of larch wood

advantages of larch wood staircase wooden scale

Larch wood can strongly deformed during drying and this is the biggest disadvantage of this material. The other types of wood furniture change their appearance over time difficult.

In any processing this material this property should be considered very strong.

The aesthetics of the larch wood – a matter of taste

advantages of larch wood House wood facade

larch benefits of badmobel bath wood

Larch has distinctive outward appearance and it is a matter of taste whether you like or not. The wood shows an unusual grey nuance and the annual rings are very clearly visible.

This type of aesthetics is not everywhere and is preferred especially in parks, gardens and homes in country house style.

The disadvantages, we can add also the rather high price. But would he not pay off because of the listed advantages?

advantages of larch wood kommode regal holzmobel

larch wood holzmobel design advantages

larch benefits kuchenmobel cake work plate wood ceiling

larch benefits küchenmobel kitchen work plateadvantages of larch wood original earrings

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