Lay The Carpet – Flooring And Accented At The Same Time

Lay carpet: carpet – flooring and accent embarrassed: so it works!

Do you want to for your interiors take a carpeted floor and then lay an accent rug in? Is that and how? The answer is “Yes” and follow a few tips for it immediately!

Carpet runner lay on the carpet

Interior design ideas with carpets interior design ideas for the bedroom

The advantages and disadvantages

Let’s start with the advantages and disadvantages of laying an accent rug on carpet. As a solution, you have always warm feet. The disadvantage are the elaborate cleaning and collecting dust. Certainly you need to undress here always the shoes.

Set your own priorities and decide whether this solution for you and your family would be fitting.

Rugs make the room appear cozy

set up interior design ideas bedroom beautiful bedding with curtains combine

Properly combining swatch in the living area

carpet set living room set with leather furniture and carpets

Let’s go now to the aesthetic and other practical specifics about which to be considered.

The prerequisites

The first requirement for the successful realization as a concept is that you should take a short-pile carpet. Otherwise, the whole thing is something weird and it could well not work in the end. The accent rug should be again not so hard and not so easy. In addition, you need a special rubber pad that makes it impossible that it be adjusted.

White carpet makes the bedroom look classy

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Fashion cozy dining area

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In most cases, we recommend a Berber carpet, sisal, rattan or sea grass floors. For the bottom layer, in any case, more natural textiles are to choose.

Stick to one accent rug

Usually you should avoid to be interpreted more as an accent rug on the carpeted floor. The larger concepts, where everything has been carefully planned to make exception. However, the latter requires a very well developed sense of design. Otherwise the whole thing feels quite messy.

Fur and sisal carpet fit nicely to each other

carpet set living room set with cushion decorate


In conclusion, one can say that putting each other by carpeted floors and accent oushak quite works. Treat so more comfort and warmth. Keep our small tips in terms of it and you can customize the rest according to your taste.

Bring vitality through a fresh pattern

integrated interior design ideas for the living colorful pattern

Stripe carpet in a country house style

Interior design ideas for bedroom strips carpet and storage baskets

Interior design ideas with carpets

Interior design ideas for the living room fur carpet over the carpeted lay white furniture

Carpets are an important aspect of setting up

Interior design ideas with carpets bedroom design

Fur rugs are trendy


A mix of patterns in the living area

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Fur carpet and rustic tables

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Living room with traditional broadcasting

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