Like Wicker Chairs Are Maintained Around Longer As New Look

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wicker furniture elegant outdoor furniture round garden table

How to clean the wicker chairs

Wicker chairs are among the most popular pieces of furniture in a garden. You make the atmosphere incomparably comfortable. You have also a down side. You collect a lot of dust. Their proper and regular cleaning is mandatory if you want to keep their beauty.

Keep the wicker furniture in good condition

wicker chairs garden design garden furniture garden table


A lot of time the garden owners, what wicker chairs save and other similar outdoor furniture painting. You can also be purchased in this form. However, we decided for purely practical reasons often against it. The natural look also has a very high value. To make it appealing wicker chairs this type is usually other means.

Vacuum cleaning

Combining dust wipe off with a soft cloth and vacuuming. Use fibers which can get out of the dust from the inner corners.

Regularly provide the good look of wicker furniture

wicker chairs garden furniture design cushion strips

Hot water and SOAP

In the second step, you have to mix water and SOAP for cleaning. With a moist but not too wet cloth wipe carefully the wicker chairs.

Suitable to clean the wicker furniture in the garden

wicker chairs dining area design garden outdoor furniture

Soft brushes

The wicker chairs and other such furniture often stains remain. You can be difficult to remove using the aforementioned methods. The use of soft brush would be much better.

With regular maintenance, the wicker furniture look longer than new

wicker furniture garden outdoor furniture cushion floor

Leave to dry off

Moreover, that you leave to dry off the wicker chairs after cleaning. Must not happen but in the fresh air, in a place with light winds, under direct sunlight.

Make a beautiful recreation area with wicker furniture

Wicker strips carpet Sidetable plants

But paint?

If you want to paint the wicker chairs itself, it would have to be been cleaned it well at first. How to reach the best possible results. Choose a painting of the best quality!

Protect the different types of wicker furniture

Wicker furniture represent a good choice because they are easy to care for. What you must however remember is that they are also not eternal. In addition, the various models show different forms of resistance to the weather conditions. Therefore, you should do what is possible through ceilings, verandas, canopies and lacquers to protect them. Regular cleaning and new paint will help sure.

Make comfortable by beautiful seat cushions

wicker chairs green garden design cushion

The wicker furniture with laying on of garden cover

wicker furniture garden ideas Eleghante garden furniture garden requirements

Stylish wicker furniture for the modern garden

wicker chairs garden furnishing ideas elegant outdoor furniture black

Wicker Chair with patterns

wicker furniture cool pattern round garden table garden figures

Put fresh furniture on the balcony

wicker chairs Chronicly balcony carpet runner

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