Living In A Country House Style: Modern House With Rustic Charm

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Live In cottage-style rustic decorating tips ideas examples

Modern House with a touch of country style

Vintage is style modern than ever. We can hardly imagine that anyone now doubt his charm. If you want to include for example an old sofa in the interior design, it would be on much more, than another. This applies also to the cases when the latter has been created by a top Designer.

Living in a country house style

Live In cottage-style living room furniture of decorating tips

For the same reason it is worth to use an old carpet in the Interior, even if it has the one or other stain again.

Rustic living room furniture in the DIY style

Live In cottage-style living room furniture suitcase end table

Also a piece in a vintage style is usually sufficient to lend a distinctive individual look to the House. To this, occasional, random-looking decorated with vintage furniture, the speech will be today!

Accents and eye-catcher

Live In cottage-style living room furniture rustic

General principles

In the following we will look at closer different strategies, as more conservative country house style with something new, to the most modern criteria designed successfully paired. But some of the main principles here in advance. Firstly, modern should dominate and the old stuff would rather represent the accents. Secondly, looking for the contrast between traditional (in the sense of the Landhausstill) and the new. Locate these from the treasure chest of the vintage stuff, which correspond with the modern ambience, in which you are located.

Attic room – chic and rustic

Live In cottage-style room furniture wood

Completely made of wood

Live In cottage-style bedroom furniture bed decorating tips

Keep timelessness in the eye

To achieve a successful modern design with a touch of country style, you should lose the imperishable not from the eye. We need to reach a timeless look. As a result that the whole thing works ultimately classical works. In other words, man is the perfect selection of objects of different epochs, that you have also a sense.

Various exemplary strategies

Live In country-style dining room furniture dining table chairs wood

Set dining room rustic

Live In country-style dining room furniture dining table chairs wood metal


Industrial style is a modern style. But he can easily find inspiration in the vintage Landhaustill. By the similarities, the transition is smooth and nearly impossible to remember. However, emphasize the modernity. This can be done through the selection of current materials. The latter are generally easy to care for. At the same time it would also be a suitable strategy to apply current methods for space enlargement. Alone, the figures as open housing and the integration of perspectives and mirror surfaces would let modern design despite the significant vintage country-style elements.

Industrial design furniture in the kitchen

Live In cottage-style kitchen furniture industrial design furniture

Wooden crates and metal furniture

Live In cottage-style kitchen furniture metal chairs industrial design

As a small museum

Country house style is characterized by the close to nature. But introduce a modern understanding of this with. Because according to the current criteria, the closeness to nature would be striving, to throw away any objects, but to use them again on the contrary. Plant container can be made out of almost anything. These are also in itself a typical element of country-style design.

Upholstered furniture in the country house style

Live In cottage-style rustic lounge set up

Rustic pendant lights in the living room

Live In cottage-style living room set sofa couchWhen processing modern paints and lacquers. Put a modern-looking (for example sculptural) plants. Make strong accents generating contrast within an open modern house design elements from the traditional country house style.

Room height wood shelves

Live In cottage-style living room set up wooden racks

Minimalism or fullness

Each characteristic for modernity and for the country-style minimalism and abundance. Play with the perception of these! In a House with floor to ceiling Windows, freed from unnecessary furniture and details, a country-style carpet might look just fabulous. He would then revive the whole wonderfully with its abundance of motifs and may contrast with the landscape of plants out there. The modern design will be still dominant enough.

In modern setting up integrated rural

Live In cottage-style kitchen set up rustic wood furniture

These are only three possible approaches, how you can integrate rural in the modern facility. So it all works out well, you should follow also your gut feeling in addition to the main principles enumerated in the first part of the article. The main objective is the timelessness, but one that brings a touch of nostalgia with it.

Modern country house style

Live In cottage-style living room ideas setting up rustic

Interior design and open living areas

room divider glass living rustic country style decorating tips

Solid wood dining room furniture

Live In country-style dining room ideas setting up rustic

Chic wooden kitchen with Bricksteinwand

Live In cottage-style kitchen ideas setting up rustic

Rustic and modern bedroom ideas

live In cottage-style bedroom ideas set up bed rustic

Indirect lighting

Live In cottage-style bedroom ideas setting up rustic

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