Living Room Design – 34 Refreshing Ideas For The Living Room

Tips for animating the living room design

There is in your living room to life? You need no special interior designers! By simple tricks, you can achieve a fabulous effect.  Here are some appropriate ideas for it.

Living room design with simple colors and patterns

bright living ideas living room interior design glass table white sofa

Living room design with bright and fresh colours

living ideas living room dekokissen bright carpet hanging lamp

Create a pivot and pivot

There is no functioning design of the living room, without a conspicuous and successful central element. You can use an existing furniture piece or part of a room and through the appropriate guidance of the perspective on the looks.

Wood and concrete look mixed

modern living room design living room grey living room furniture-large Windows

As an example, the fireplace could assume this role. Then the seats and the remaining Interior must be so designed, that it from anywhere in the field device.

Very fresh and cozy

living room design-white walls floor tiles rustic coffee table

Make the most of the cushion

The decorative pillows are a Еxtra, which could make for much drama and tension in the Interior. Use also this potential to enliven your living room.

Cushion change the living room look

living ideas living room dekokissen nice pattern plant

Creative floor design

The floor design must not be ignored. The colors and textures of the carpets are of crucial importance for the lively character of the living room. You can separate the different zones with each a different color. Maybe you want to weld together the varied shades in the room through a colorful carpet better.

Colorful rugs and rustic coffee table give own character the living room

living ideas living room pattern cool coffee table combine

Colours skilfully combine and create a cosy atmosphere

living ideas living room Orange carpet modern lighting ceiling suspended

Different patterns

The easiest way for animating from the living room is the use of many different colors. Not – we underestimated but also the power of patterns it can contribute very much to the lively design.

Several patterns and fresh appearance

living ideas living room bright interior

The grey with red spice up

living ideas living room red accents grey carpet pattern

More romance

Are you a romantic person? Distribute as many candles as possible in the room. They thereby create a mystical atmosphere and provide very much tension in the room. Replace the textiles in every season.

No matter how successful an interior design, she will be made boring, if ever no changes in the long run. Replace the fabrics which cover the furniture in every season.

More heat and light through decoration tricks

Find your living room too dark? If you provide no additional access to daylight and to strong ambient light for disruptive, then there is a solution: you can hang big pictures in bright shades and insert the lamp in the corners.

Leather furniture and sofa for small living rooms

design living room leather furniture beautiful carpet cool murals

Make a cozy place to sit at the window

It is so nice when you can watch the falling snow in winter from the warm room, through the window. That works out well by a cozy seat directly on the window.

Minimalist and cozy at the same time

living ideas living room window sill seat cozy

Colored curtains bring fresh mood

living ideas living room seat comfortably gray carpet colored curtains

The cosy apartments and vivid living room design is as important in the winter season! It costs even no so much effort, if you know the right tips and tricks. We make the most of the aforementioned ideas!

Yellow Wallpaper and curtains create a nice sense of space

blue living ideas living room chair grey sofa yellow accents

White and grey is a successful combination of colors in the modern living room

living ideas living room dark grey carpet white stylish floor cushions innendesign

Interior design ideas for small living room

living ideas living room living room furniture-bright carpet dark

Living in Brown shades

living ideas living room of Flechten furniture sisal carpet Orchid dekokissen

Neutral colors for the living room

shiny living ideas living room set up airy curtains

A yellow sofa turns into an eye-catcher in the interior design

living ideas living room bright carpet colored furniture

Decorate the leather sofa with cushion

living ideas living room leather sofa-beautiful white carpet dekokissen

Style decorate the living room

living ideas living room murals corner sofa dining area

Decorating with house plants

living room design-bright colors plant suspended ceiling

Chic home accessories

living room design-bright carpet elegant living room sofas fireplace

Fireplace and plants

dekokissen chic living room design light grey furniture

Cozy living room in country house style

dekoideen beautiful living room design fireplace

Accents with stones

living room design fireplace carpet cosy stylish

Exploit the potential of the small area

small living room design living room cooler rug

Accents with stone and wood

stay open plan to living room design Fireplace stone wall decorations

Stylish interior design in neutral colors

dekoideen fireplace dekokissen chic living room design

Symmetrical design

beautiful living room design fireplace fabric pattern plant open shelves

Stone walls and wooden ceilings are typical country house style

living room design stone elegant carpet wall fireplace

Create colour contrasts

modern living room design living room bright furniture dark floor design

Spacious living area with vintage carpet

living room design-vintage carpet stool Roman blinds

Living room in a Scandinavian style

living ideas living room cushion plant fur carpet

Recreation space and storage space in one

living ideas living room bench seat window storage candles