Living Room Ideas And Kitchen Designs – Industrial Interior Design Ideas

living room ideas grey shades carpet tile wall

Open kitchen and living room ideas in the industrial style

Industrial interior design ideas are very fashionable. This is no wonder, because they currently look and many people can afford even them to do so. Usually, the industrial style with touches of other styles can be combined. So you can personalize the room in which you are located.

Set the living room industrial

living room ideas of industrialist style carpet books

Wall and coffee table in concrete look Rob the views

living room ideas wall decoration concrete grey sofa cool coffee table

Great combinations

There are a number of great combinations, which include the industrial style. Think of a brick wall or furniture with rough upholstery. While most opt for the minimalist color palette.

Spice up the brick wall by plants

living room ideas white sofa rustic elements

Achieve a softer look

Like the industrial style, but sometimes he is too rough to you? Insert fluffy carpets and pillows, as well as rural details in the atmosphere. So you get a softer look.

Fur makes a cozy industrial interior design

industrial living room ideas fur carpet cool stool


Go retro! Industrial living room ideas from the middle of the last century look great! The walls should be made of concrete or brick. The soil is also important. Use in the manufacture of this on wood or concrete. Maybe pimp the modern design with some retro ideas but also just on.

Retro furniture in the industrial living room

living room ideas of industrialist style red accents concrete wall decoration


The industrial style can also be colored. Insert colorful furniture in bold shades.

Open kitchen ideas

The open kitchen is by definition something modern. The pairs will forcibly original results industrial chic. You show so very much creativity.

Pendant luminaires and issued utensils are typical of the industrial kitchen

kitchen design industrial style pendant lamps tableware wooden floor #...-industrial style - light pendant - crockery - wood floor

Elements of the industrial kitchen

There are some typical elements of the industrial kitchen. You would register very well also in an open concept. In addition to the brick walls, we mean also the metal tubes, as well as the retro-looking bodies.

Fancy hanging lights over the dining table tie the look

kitchen design ideas of industrial style pendant lamps green kitchen chairs #... ideas industrial style - pendant light - green - kitchen chairs


The integration of the industrial style in the open kitchen ideas inevitably creates an eclectic character. To emphasize even more the charm, spice you on the rooms with modern objects and other similar establishments. You can view the different Stilrichtigen. Draw the most inspiration from the living room.

The industrial style can be integrated in all rest rooms of your home! Soon, expect more info about it here with us!

Modern interior design with industrial elements

living room ideas of open living plan dining area pendant

Cool furniture design in combination with an attractive wall decoration

living room ideas cool furniture wall decoration industrial look

Create a cosy atmosphere in the industrial living room

interior design ideas living room of industrialist look Chronicly wall decoration

Create an eclectic space

interior design ideas living room industrial style white sofa pendants

Fancy lamp as an eye-catcher in the living room

living room ideas industrial set up carpet cool lamp side table

Combine industrial Wall lamp and candles

living room ideas industrial interior design rustic coffee table wood floor

Spacious Whnzimmer with brick walls

living room ideas industrial brick wall open shelving

Interesting coffee tables for the industrial living room

interior design ideas living room cool coffee tables plants ceiling