Living Room Or Playground In The Cellar Design – Cool Ideas

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living room or playground In the basement figures billiards

Make living room or playground in the cellar – cool ideas

Bats. Schlangen.Finsternis.Wasser. this are just a few of the strongholds of the cave. Constructed from natural elements such as stone or glacier cave can be an a shy home that terrifies us and blindet our eyes to completely overwhelming darkness.

For some like the adrenaline junkie or caving excavators, that can look like an appetizer delicious tidbits, which only stimulates hunger.

After the long day’s work you can relax in this room

living room or playground In the basement design corner

For others, the experience and the description is unattractive. We can honestly put aside our macho behaviour and our three sizes to small black T and stretch out a weekend relaxing in front of the TV. But I advise you to get up! It’s time to embrace the wild side of life. I suggest we go time to explore caves. It explores caves-Yes, isn’t it?

The cellar must be not a Schimmelattractor. It must be not a lonely forgotten dark spot of the House, where laundry facilities in a black cauldron is cooked. And under no circumstances, should represent the caverns of the planet.

Exercise at home! Why because not!

living room or playground In the basement design sport driving

The cave of the athletes

The sports arena can be in your home, if you want it, then you might be a room full of equipment, touchdowns and pause game right before your eyes. If you are brave enough to turn the basement into a room, then act immediately! Be adventurous and make it authentic. Why should you take carpet a Berber, if you could use real grass? Other elements you can include in a sports theme include memorabilia. Not only that its heroes, but also your own. A class display of your trophies in addition to a signed baseballs and your decor is a must here. And if you have to attach a Jersey, frame it in a display box, your athletic station deep to keep.

And while there is no way to bring an entire soccer field in this small room, a game table can help. Football, air hockey, if the Professional is high season out, is your time to appear!

So the day of the game brings to life with surround sound for better capturing of the culture of a stadium, firing up the popcorn machine and enjoy life with your friends every day.

Meeting with your best friends – male-oriented cellar

living room or playground In the basement male figures

The gentleman – cave

This man-cave says about the refining of masculinity. Marble bar top, leather seats, high plush stool, a pool table, adjustable lighting – all this creates an atmosphere where you can relax and not be distracted by incoming E-Mails, loud traffic noise and other everyday stories.

Billiard room in bright colors

living room or playground In the basement figures billiard room

As you clear those lines have, can this room as a guest room, a family cave or just as extra fun space work.

Vintage pieces. Classical pieces. Modern. Retro. All this has a place in this lush room with its entertainment system, which corresponds to the State of the art and the room looks like a well-appointed bar. Because, let’s be honest. Caving makes you hungry.

Play foosball in the basement stone walls, drink bar, pleasant atmosphere-

living room or playground In the basement figures players

The gamers – cave

For all of the little boy who’s stuck in the body of a man, this is your Empire. Here can have a game table, surrounded by rows and rows of game console editions, alphabetically, categorically arranged flat-screen TV, full wall or into empty slots. So you need a wide range of consoles. From the old Atari game to the latest PlayStation and WiFi, you are completely on the comings and goings of the gaming industry, and if your heart desires, you could start a franchise from GameStop directly from your game cave sanctuary.

The comfortable and easily movable seats are needed for a play area in the basement

living room or playground In the basement billiard room design

.Cosy room – combination of living and play areas in the basement

living room or playground In the basement design sofa gray

The intellectual cave

You need to drive intelligence to sports and to follow the sports games, to win a video game and to keep a stimulating conversation and to lead, but sometimes the mind with brain food needs to be surrounded. A walnut corner table, massaging, rolling desk chair, bookshelves with series on all topics and exceptional Wi-Fi coverage are needed the initial tools for these caves expedition.

White equipment – soft velvet sofas with decorative falling colorful throw pillows pink carpet and photo gallery at the walls

living room or playground In the basement figures pink carpet

Thinking on library with a touch of Museum; the biggest inspiration in the room can be a smaller statue of Rodin’s the thinker. Here, you can exhibit your world-made artifacts and souvenirs, that challenge the mind. The walls are filled with photographs of Earth wonder and the people who roam the globe, which we call home. A place of learning and of the scholar with the plush carpeting and quietest lazy Ottoman, which has a special destination for your feet.

Spend pleasant hours we wish you in your own wealth.

Pale and gray colors in the living room, which is furnished in the basement

living room or playground In the basement design sofa velvet

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