Lobby Furniture In Solid Wood – Modern Eye-catcher In The Hall

lobby furniture solid practical furniture for vestibules wood

Nature pure in the hallway: modern hallway furniture from solid wood

What is probably the first thing you enter in your home? Right, the plank or shut the Hall – at least as a rule. No matter, because already in the hallway ‘our home welcomes’ us quasi. Because the floor above all practical tasks. About coats and jackets to hang up. Or to share our shoes against clean and comfortable slippers. And also barefoot running is very healthy. Their dusty or even wet road shoes anyway, tempering the least in their apartment.

Lobby furniture solid and very elegant

lobby furniture solid wood wall shelf wooden furniture for vestibules

Either way, whoever be the wrong hallway furniture own call, is in danger. No joke. Because the wrong furniture endanger their own health in the worst case. And of course that the whole family, especially the children. Coatings and color are chemistry and which is as you know anything other than healthy. It is the really dangerous that any toxins most insidiously effective. By the poisoning is detected, it is perhaps too late.

lobby furniture solid wood furniture for vestibules sideboard Rotro style

lobby furniture solid wood sideboard Rotro design floor furniture

The solution: lobby furniture made of solid wood

An alternative would be so solid wood furniture, that are completely untreated. No paint, no colors, no adhesives, nothing. Just wood, and although solid wood. But what means at all ‘mass’? When are solid wood furniture just solid wood furniture? It is not difficult to answer.

lobby furniture solid wall mirror floor furniture wood

For example, continuously, a piece of furniture from “Solid beech” should be made of beech wood. The only exceptions: rear panel and drawer shelves. The rest: velvet and particularly solid beech. It is solid, again, that the wood but will be glued together to a large surface (glue-laminated timber / floor plate) but only from individual “solid pieces”. Chipboard and fibreboard or plywood are not allowed.

lobby furniture solid practical Shoe cabinet solid wood furniture

Per solid: Advantages of full wood furniture

The advantages are obvious such solid or full wood furniture. Non-existent varnishes or paints may release no toxic substances. On top of that, the wood without coating can “breathe” and contribute to the climate. So stores, for example, moisture wood and does in the winter in typical dry heating weather again the room these. By the way, the look of massive furniture looks naturally quite different (better) as cheap products made from pressed wood shavings covered with veneer.

lobby furniture Massivl floor furniture solid wood furniture bank metal legs

Due to the massive construction, solid wood furniture last longer also because the furniture is much more robust than low-quality low-cost products. Full wood furniture are therefore also more stable which again benefit the security. On children’s furniture, just think security should be just top foreign exchange.

lobby furniture solid floor furniture solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture: Eco means but expensive?

With this safety thanks to the robust and sturdy construction as well as in the hallway might be desirable. Because a collapsing wardrobe would have probably nobody in the back or even over the head, such as binding to the shoes. A higher price is no excuse, by the way, because eco is mainly in furniture not synonymous with expensive. Actually, “Eco furniture” can be even cheaper. Because, for example, some steps can be saved. What needs to be painted not saves namely time. As well, work. Both means (saved) costs.

lobby furniture solid practical furniture for vestibules wood wall shelf

lobby furniture solid wood drawers wall solid wood furniture

The non-treatment of wood with paint and colors is also mother nature. What is not used in chemistry, can just pollute the nature as the people. Eco furniture are so anything but dull, inferior or expensive; quite on the contrary. Chic solid furniture for the Hall, by the way, visit allnatura.de.

lobby furniture solid wall mirror floor furniture wood Allnatura