Log Cabin Wood At The Michigan Lake – Unexpected Bright And Friendly

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log cabin wood of magnificent chandelier, high ceiling

Log cabin wood at the Michigan Lake

Log cabins are usually dark. The wooden rooms are often too Moody. This lodge of the year 1920 but is not exactly what you would expect on a quiet lake in the vicinity of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

View of the House

Who lives here: Sam Wotring and Nicole RayLocation: Brighton, MichiganArea: 150 square meters; 2 bedrooms, 1½ bathrooms

The Grey-painted wooden blocks and the ceiling create an unexpectedly light and lively atmosphere. On the floor, you can tell that the former owner has opened three smaller bathrooms and bedrooms in a large living room. The old vintage chandeliers also were retained.

Ray made the coffee table next to the sofa in the living room of an old wooden box, and the feet are needle-thin.

The hut is located on a former golf course, and it was inhabited earlier in the summer of golf caddies. So the couple of this House now calls “the Caddy cabin”.

Photos by Jeff Jones snap it photography

Word ring has built the sliding door and helped a local champion at the track

log cabin wood of comfortable armchair and stool in cream

Paints of the door: new born’s eyes, Benjamin Moore

It was built a 3 x 6 meter parents bed room 3 times 3 meter caddie rooms of two

log cabin wood simple bedroom setup

The fireplace is a popular place for Ray in the House. It has been maintained and this was probably the largest fireplace here in the environment.

The coffee table was inherited by the grandmother of Worting.

Carpet: Green at heart rug, Etsy; Sofa: Henry, West Elm; Green sofa, Chair: Newton furniture; Cushion: Robin cottage, Etsy

log cabin wood large fireplace with stones covered

Desks: North; Bookshelf: Expedit; Red container: Helmer

log cabin wood led screen in the workplace

The Home Office was once probably separated by a wall

log cabin wood red Dresser

Bedside table lamps: Krämare, IKEA; Gray ceiling: Pendleton windowpane, Lands’ end; Artwork: “Whale Rider,” Nicole Ray

log cabin wood classic wooden chests of drawers elegant table lamps

Wotring’s Home Office is located in the living room, on the right is the kitchen. It has a vintage drafting table.

The Hummer model print on the wall is The Sarah Elizabeth shop in Rockport, Massachusetts.

Chairs: Franklin, IKEA

log cabin wood work table from old sewing machine

A decorated half wall separates the kitchen from the living room. Shelf is on the paint IKEA whiskey.

The butcher table was also inherited by the family

log cabin wood shelf with drinks

The couple wanted to renovate the floor in the kitchen, the tiles were worn out. Within the limited budget, the tiles of paints for garage floor were painted twice and then the living room and the bathroom was painted with stripes.

Chevron-like pattern in white and light gray in the hallway

blockhouse wood striped floor In the Hall of white and light gray

A bright, airy feel give a roof window, open yellow cabinets and wooden frame for pots

log cabin wood fresh touch by Canary cuisine mirror

This Winans Lake embroidery, which hangs in the kitchen, was made specifically for Ray.

The heart marks the location of the cottage on the Lake

log cabin wood Winans Lake embroidery

The grandmother of Ray photographed her kitchen in 1936. The recording is now between the kitchen Windows

log cabin wood more daylight through a window behind the sink

The dining room lies before Winans Lake and leads to a deck.

Dining table: Bjursta, IKEA; Carpet: West Elm

block House antique touch chandeliers and COMMODE Chair cover with flowers ornaments

Ray has built this corner next to the entrance, as she prepared the shipping of your works of art.

Carpet: Downtown home & garden; Michigan oak horn plate: Martha Bishop, lazy GAL; Birds plate: Janae Easton, Playpus file

log cabin at the Lake of old storage chest storage space

Ray has painted artwork of the goldfish, it now hangs in the guest room.

Plush Squid: Amber Adams, woolly mammoth designs

block House on the Lake painting with fishing in Orange

Carpet: Emmie, IKEA; Plush animal: Frankenstitch productions

log cabin wood stuffed animals In the Chair

The former owners have built this small foot bath.

Cabinet, Chair, shelf, curtain, carpet: Ikea

log cabin wood classic design of bathtub

Mirrors color: dry bouquet, true value; Wall lights: Lowe’s; crossed-anchor, paper airplane: From J. Loo to you

block House off wood factory lamps on the wall of Red mirror frame

Ray is recovering in the living room. The back is a gallery wall with her mother and other artists works.

Enjoy the cosy atmosphere at home

log cabin wood well deserved relaxation

This log cabin community is built around the Winans Lake. Motors are here not reimbursed, so it is here calm and quiet

log cabin wood traditionally off tree trunks built

A picturesque setting – lot water and green

log cabin wood scenic views of Lake

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