Looking For A Carpet Of Dream? Here Are 50 New Trends!

Posted on Nov 28, 2015

dream carpet style elegance drop light/pendant designs

The dream carpet will remain loyal to us for a long time

He looks beautiful. At the same time, he has more great properties. He has a great texture, has a modern, not too long to stop the stains. The traces of pieces of furniture, that there have been longer, do not survive.Want to we now together look at the current trends in this respect? We’ve been to this! If you think that this will be helpful in your search for the dream carpet then feel free to stay here.

The texture of the carpet of dream

modern carpet lounge leather fur carpet

There is no texture, which is ideal for all cases. However, your dream carpet must enrol first and foremost in your own ambience perfectly, is that so? We want to therefore present to you the essential info about the possible textiles. Then you would probably more easily able to find the right solution for themselves.Polypropylene is a very good option.

In this case, the carpets are very easy and they withstand very long liquid

dream carpet wood flooring

Dream carpet can be woven entirely from wool. We all know the benefits, especially for the winter. It feels very comfortable and cozy. These carpets have also another wonderful property. You are able to absorb the humidity in the room. So, your dream carpet purely physically creates a better atmosphere at home. In addition, the cotton carpet can absorb no liquid. For this reason, there are a number of stubborn stains of that had no chance. This happens also that the cotton keeps the heat in the room.

All isn’t it sounds quite like a carpet of dream for the winter?

carpet ombre effect blue

Viscose could also be a high-quality fabric from which your dream carpet can be made. The appearance of very strongly reminiscent of silk. Also to touch, these are beautiful.

This is a wonderful alternative to the other variant, which is super fine

modern carpet living room Setup Persian rug

If the soft texture is important to you and you can afford not too expensive variants you might choose for acrylic. Dream acrylic is easy to maintain.

Wash you can also wonderfully

dream carpet stripe retro vintage style

What’s a dream carpet made of cotton? The advantages are in appearance. You can also even reminiscent of silk. The downside is that they’re easily dirty.

Best combination of fabric and color

carpet rugs online stained circles

The first thing which you must go out in the selection of the carpet of dream, represents the nuance of the soil. If you have a Brown texture around, then you should choose autumn shades.

If you have, however, cool and sober colors, then violet, Inigo, red and other such nuances look out

dream carpet rugs online sofa Orange

Do you have a dark floor?  Your dream carpet in one of the following shades should be carried out in this case: beige, white, light blue and pink.

Current trends

dream carpet rugs online modern luxury

If your dream carpet should be modern, you should check the current trends. Currently are combining from garish shades with graphic representations. Furthermore, the nuances of nature are very up-to-date. Linen and ramie (China grass), as well as recycled materials are also very heavily used.

Luxury living room decoration in purple

luxury of Lufitges Ambiente living room purple fur carpet

Scarlet Red

carpet dark red sofa coffee table glass

Smooth, smooth surfaces and textures

carpet wooden beams wood ceiling room

The same interior design with different carpet design

dream carpet rugs online leather lounge

dream carpet rugs online grey a breath of fresh air bring the magnificent purple flowers

Soft fur carpet in grey whitemodern rug rugs online bedroom

Natural, ergonomic carpet design provides soft, gentle texture

carpet soft ergonomic carpets online

Patchwork carpet made of animal fur

dream carpet rugs online White establishment

Living room furniture in white

dream carpet rugs online White Dining chairs

Zebra pattern on the floor

carpet rugs online White sofa

Persian rug shows a modern flair

dream carpet great purple rug living room

Artfully in Brown and cream

dream carpet abstract pattern Beige Cream Brown

Azure Blue by Mischioff AG

dream carpet digital Tibey Mischioff AG

Scandinavian living with casaydiseno.com

dream carpet ethno Scandinavian design Casaydiseno

Fair trade dream carpets by STEP

Patch carpet Toledo via homify.es

Refined, modern carpet designs by sancarlos.es

A beautiful colorful carpet variation by mundoalfombra

dream carpet modern digital patterns Flash colors Mundoalfombra

You can find such a magnificent carpet Butterfly at Ambar Muebles

dream carpet modern pattern butterfly of Ambar Muebles

Wave pattern in Neutralenfarben are again in vogue

dream carpet modern pattern black beige Brown waves

Carpet design via archiexpo.it

Duquessa mosaic carpet of hidrauliktiles.com

modern carpet modern design mosaic of Duquessa Hidrauliktiles

Rabari presents collection of Nanimarquina

dream carpet modern fine patterns Rabari collection Nanimarquina

If you stand on minimalist Interior and grey tones

dream carpet modern small grey nuances of pattern

modern carpet modern minimalist round dark grey grey shades

Libt also red and white grey

dream carpet red black fine circuits designer furniture

Cuddly soft deep pile carpet via mueblesmiguel.com

dream carpet modern Kuschelweich shaggy Mueblesmiguel

Smooth shades and Patchmuster at Lekune.blogspot

Warm natural colours with Brapal type

dream carpet modern natural beige Brown Brapal art

dream carpet modern pattern blue beige Brown Brapal art

Colorful Cubist patterns by Gunta Stölzl on archiexpo.it

The ultimate 3D carpet at archiexpo.es

Discreet vintage carpet design on universalxxi.es

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