Lovely And Interesting Interior Design Ideas – Setting Contrast Effects A

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Interior design ideas living room open floor plan wood floor color

Interior design ideas – contrasts in the landscape

Have you grappled sometimes in detail with the question, why some rooms fantastic, and other einfach…langweilig look like?

It is not enough to have many great pieces of furniture in the House. You need different substances. So, you can build exciting contrasts to make contrasts such as between smooth and rough, matte and reflective surfaces.

Variety adds much depth and visual interest to the room

Interior design ideas bedroom white curtains beige

Is one of your rooms fully rough and organic surfaces? Then, a mirror will probably lighten the mood. Alternatively, you could use a table with mercury or glass surface in the Interior.

Imagine this room with plasterboard Stud walls! Boring, or? The painted horizontal panels and the rattan Bank ensures variety and depth in the Interior.

Do you want even more variety? So you can do a richer equipped room.

In this fairly neutral Interior, the coffered ceiling makes the texture and the rich patterns. The brick fireplace has a simple form in itself, but the robust texture revives its appearance considerably.

The ceiling of the room is the focal point here

Interior design ideas living room Zimmerdeke form

The books have a dual function in the interior design. You are to read and provide for more consistency in the room. One has intentionally put some and just set up others. So, it has created interesting contrasts within the book shelf.

Built-in book shelves save space and provide a contrast to the window

Interior decoration ideas Home Office built-in bookshelves retro

The mixture of different substances is particularly important if you are working with a single, solid hue. The rustic Cabinet makes a nice touch texture in this room.

So a Vintage Cabinet contains the eye in the room

Interior design ideas living room armchair sofa Cabinet retro vintage

The Lucite Chair would ever not coming into its own, it could combine with a glass table. But the contrast with the wooden pillar lends a distinctive meaning in the room the two pieces.

Are nowadays very trendy and popular acrylic furniture

Interior design ideas living room table wood acrylic furniture Chair

In the image below we see a particularly creative way as wall art can contribute to more texture in the room.

Large wall paintings seem like this very refreshing, especially if they are in accordance with the color scheme in the room

Interior design ideas living room chair mural

In the next example, the wall and surprisingly not the furniture is padded. So reaching change in the otherwise very monochromatic room.

Beautiful contrasts in the bedroom

Interior design ideas bedroom pattern curtains beige

In my opinion, you should Dodge combination upholstered furniture of through use of the same substances.  If you want to make a monochromatic look, you could achieve this through similar nuances. But the texture would rather distinguish my view.

You can reach more contrasts with cushions, decoration and carpets. Why don’t you try it, together to make the carpets?

Use the flooring to make interesting contrasts

Interior design ideas living room light fireplace decoration

The ground is certainly a wonderful place where you presented materials. As well, this can work but also on the ceiling. In the next room is still a wonderful contrast between the high gloss Salazar gel and the white ceiling. Something so simple as a vase or a square window can and must be enriched by texture.

Harmony and contrast can go hand in hand

Interior design ideas bedroom rooftop wooden cabinet vintage

In this room, it has to do with contemporary forms. Between them, the variety of different surfaces ensures a more interesting appearance. Jagged, organic surfaces are paired with silver and glass accessories here. Variations occur in the level of shine, as well as in the nature of the substances.

Fabulous and modern room decoration

The contemporary rooms are very homogeneous in themselves. But too many similarities can make a room appear gloomy and dull. In this case the painted fireplace, the waffle-patterned hanging lamps and the abundant wood ceilings provide for more texture, without exaggerated to.

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