Magical Houses From Bamboo Wood On Bali

bamboo wood houses Bali sustainable construction

Sustainable building with bamboo wood

Elora Hardy has left her successful job in the fashion business in New York to build this beautiful houses in Bali. The last five years she has spent with her team to create revolutionary buildings made of bamboo wood. The main idea was that bamboo is a very sustainable building material, was not sufficiently intense employed up to now. Borax was used during the processing. This salt is to meet very often in the nature in its natural form. Thus, bamboo is durable and indigestible for the insects.

Bamboo wood is one of the most sustainable Woods at all actually. It not only very chic looks, but regrows quite rapidly again. Especially on Bali, where the bamboo plant is at home, this wood for architectural constructions proves very fitting. Bamboo also has the pressure force of the concrete and the strength of the steel. His main enemies are moisture and insects. With this specific edit but bamboo wood can be pretty sturdy and weather-resistant.

Sustainable building in the tropics

bamboo wood harmony natural Palms

The bamboo houses in Bali is characterized with a very harmonious design. You register simply drawn out into the natural landscape. It occurs over a bridge in the House and the first thing you see is the large wave-shaped roof that captures the fresh breezes. It can be quite hot in the tropics, so the construction team has opted for this variant. From the living room, which is located on the fourth floor, you can admire the entire Valley. Some rooms have some higher window, which act as natural air conditioning and at the same time keep the insects. The beds are comfortable and equipped with mosquito nets.  Here and because woven privacy was raised. The bathrooms are decorated in a rustic style. There can be found woven storage boxes, oval ceramic bathtubs and valuable parquet.

Harmony and perfection on the balcony

bamboo wood hammock parquet

Cosy, rustic bathroom

bamboo wood bathroom oval freestanding bath

If you look at these fascinating, tropical houses, one understands that with creativity and devotion beauty and comfort as well as safety and luxury can can be created and traded at the same time sustainable and environmentally friendly. Find out for yourself by viewing the photos alone.

Schwellenloser transition, glorious light and fresh air

bamboo wood curving staircase columns

Curved, oval shapes

bamboo wood organic shapes window doors

Exotic fairy tale evening

bamboo wood floor House openness fresh air light

Bamboo House bird’s eye view

bamboo timber house roof top

Stable canopy from round wooden planks

bamboo wood balcony terrace columns

A picturesque bridge input

bamboo wood durability sustainability

Robust construction and spiral stairs

bamboo wood staircase spiral

Tradition and sustainability hand in hand

bamboo wooden traditional architecture Palm trees