Magnificent Designer Festival 2013 In London

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grandiose designers Festival stairs 2013

Magnificent designer Festival in London

No one can deny it, London is one of the cosmopolitan places all over the world. Therefore, the ten-year anniversary and the success of the London Festival of design just for no people are surprising. In 14 different presentation areas in London year to the 300 different events will take place in this.

Who can attend because it all during the scant nine days?

Between creations such as “Endless Stais” and “God is in the details” many other gorgeous works. So you find the right thing for themselves and get an overview, we have the present Guide for you. Because here are the high lights should never be missed in our opinion!

Endless stairs

grandiose designers Festival stairs 2013 endless

This plant is located directly next to the Tate Modern. It’s a work that must be attended by all people. This project has always a striking effect and it is due to this the work of great artists like Zaha Hadid, Amanda Levete, Marc Newson and John Pawson. The work was created by American Tulipier. It consists of 15 each subsequent staircases. You will need some time to browse them completely.

The Miss is so its Visual grandeur forgive an installation on base. It extends the tradition of prominent land mark projects.

God is in the details

grandiose designers Festival details God

How fast do you recognize the really unique and striking design? The event ‘ God is in the details’ is a unique opportunity where you can flag the level of this skill in itself. Here you will can test your observation assets and see some of the best stuff in the world.

It has borrowed the famous words of Mies van der Rohe for the project and has written with Swarowski correction lenses these. The designer Paul Cocksedge, Tom Dixon, Amanda Levete, Faye Toogood, Stephen Webster, and Osman Yousefzada will highlight particularly some works to their taste. So, you will emphasize the works in a wonderful manner that you simply shouldn’t miss a visit to.

Chairs of the shortlist for the Bodleian Library in Oxford

grandiose designers Festival details library low wooden chairs

I like pieces with an interesting context, and this is a wonderful example. It is the third new Chair in the last 400 years and that is a big deal indeed. The level here is very high, and the eventual winner will certainly be a part of English history.

Design junction

grandiose designers Festival details orange pink details bright furniture

It’s the attraction which the fastest gaining popularity at the Festival. You can look at the work on New Oxford St.

Last year this event was seen by approximately 17 000 visitors and more in this is expected due to the growing popularity of contemporary design. It’s the first London exhibition devoted to the State of the art decorative lighting.

19 Greek Street

grandiose designers Festival ceramic robots Greek

At the London Festival, there’s always room for unusual and highly creative design. 19 Greek Street is the place for people who like some quirkiness in addition to good design.

The ceramic robot lamps from the illustration above completely convinced me. It’s a Wonderland that is interpreted by the artist Nina Tolstrup. Still is a pop up exhibition. Here, the playfulness meets abstract thinking.

The ancestors of the Aram store

grandiose designers Festival details metallic tables red green

One of the most important reasons why you should visit this address is the look behind the scenes of the designer Benjamin Hubert. You can look not so far displayed prototypes, learn about new ideas and many other objects from the history of his current works.

Here is still a labirynth which exhibits the work of designer Bethan Laura Wood at the Aram Gallery.

The brilliant zig zag chandeliers as one of several wonderful and inspiring works of art, which are exhibited in the Gallery’s upstairs

grandiose designers Festival details Laura Holz LDF 2013

Design at the Southbank Center

Terrific designers Festival lava lamp world

At this point, you can expect many activities, events, analyses and interesting conversations. Here you could deal closer with the design of the 1950s. Here you will see once again, how the time designers have designed the world of the future. Continue to enjoy eating and drinking on the “real food market”. Still not convinced? Here you can see the largest light all over the world.

Actually, you can buy some copies of the limited series of the Desigenrs Mathmos and take home.

Tent London & Super brands London

grandiose designer Festival details colorful focal point tent

Certainly, you will spend your best time in London, while looking at the wonders of tent London. Here, you will meet many young designers, which you will be welcomed with a great enthusiasm. These come from 25 different countries and 250 different design companies.

grandiose designers Festival details floor lamp mirror stone

I will enumerate only a few names, so that you get a taste of this: four seasons in Shanghai, shapes of Hungary, fresh Taiwan, 100% Norway and Crafts Council of Ireland. Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud are the names of the designers who have created this wonderful line of beautiful mirror with joint forces.

Render when Molly hatch

grandiose designers Festival details plate patterned painted

The anthropology may be really high in the list. But this is the part where you some hours colour can enjoy brilliance on this show.

Here you can admire the fashionable accessories, antiques and much more. But the focus on the work of designer Gwyneth leech and their painted coffee cups will be within the next few days. If you not be seduced by this work then certainly by the beautiful paintings of the artist Molly hatch.

100% design

grandiose designers Festival Interior ldf 2013 furniture accessories

At the end, it’s about an event that is actually just as famous as the London Festival itself. Exhibition Centre is to the London’s Earls Court. Here is the place to the areas for interiors, offices, kitchens and bedrooms, as well as environmental design and construction Centre can be found.

Why you interested really modern design? Are you more the redesign with eco-friendly solutions or new ideas? In all cases you will not regret there certainly stay.

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