Make Me Laugh: Humorous Interior Design With Style

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humorous interior design headboard with faces

Humorous interior design with style

It happens all the time! It deals with the task of room decoration. It is stressed and cannot decide. As a result, a much too colossal space is concluded.

Why don’t you go out with some more humor? Today, we show you some examples how this can work.

Thank God! Because the design world needs urgently more ease!

A designer who creates wonderful, is called Jonathan Adler. He creates gorgeous pieces of furniture, which also still make you laugh. Meet a room with playful objects is a way how to do this task. Another strategy would be to create something unexpected. You can bring your personality expressed also by the decoration.

Yes, we’re quite serious. Check the rooms with humor below.

Human figures

When someone brought the last time otherwise you laugh? What’s with the representation of a person? Yes, it’s true! People are people everywhere! Or they’re not human at all. The rooms below create their humorous character thanks to the representations of some faces.

In the picture above we see two such people faces at the head part of Lea Bassani Design. Laugh if you already?

Go further! Do not be afraid! See the idea by Henrybuilt.

Why do you not wall art with as a female figure?

humorous interior design wall decoration with swimmer

Feel in the kitchen below like on vacation? Me too! This is exactly the effect achieved by the designer Molly Lütkemeyer. An element which contributes too much relaxation, is the use of green in the project.

If you look closely, you will see beautiful branches of ceramic figures come out – California home + design

humorous interior design kitchen rear wall with photo wallpaper

There are so many traditional elements in the room down there! There’s brass frames, on some pedestrian tiles wash basin on pedestal… As if that would not be enough, it has added also a figure with toilet paper on the neck.

This room is anything but too serious – by Peter S. Balsam Associates

humorous interior design funny toilet paper stand

In my opinion you should be received in each House by a mannequin. However, this is not the only playful element in the House. Can you see the kite over the bed?

To play design, with the windy atmosphere of the surroundings of the House together – d.p.

humorous Interior mannequin and hang gliders

This look invites us to look at things up close.

Do you see the man on the lounge chair in the bottom right corner?

humorous interior design seated human figure decoration

HM… I think the idea with the statues in people clothes always better!

Humorous ideas with animals

The ducks below seem to be somewhere on the way

humorous interior design wood ducks on oval dining table

The Zebra down stops on the square

humorous interior design Zebra statue

Who do you think has made this space? Jonathan Adler of course!

If the figure at the table is a bit too much, then would you like maybe an animal on the wall? Everyone likes elk in uniforms.

This antler rack seems responsible for the Assembly of animal in the picture photo of Shannon Malone

humorous interior design funny hunting scene mural

And how do you find this cow with the face of a conductor?

humorous interior design photo wallpaper beef patterned bath

Funny, great, or strange perhaps? [according to PSC bath]

The creatures on the picture below (at the table and on the ground) represent meaningful priorities. I personally love the vinyl figures and the ornate animal presentations.

Save joy and fun atmosphere!

humorous interior design vinyl toys In the dining room

Unusual structures

Now we are looking forward to the unusual structures.

The bathroom is full of copper tubes below

humorous interior design copper tubes sink and faucet

These were arranged in incredibly interesting way. The raw, which lead to the lights are purely decorative. But I would never remove. I think they look fabulous. [according to Andre Rothblatt Architecture]

The gorgeous living space below includes a wonderful collection of fabulous results. It has works by Salvador Dalí and Antonio Gaudi furniture. They provide an unreal element in the room and invite us to take a closer look. You simply, can not withstand it and presents these works with a smile.

Image by Andrew yarn and Annie Schlecter for axis Mundi

humorous interior design of original Chair with antler

Now you put it! These chairs seem to be saying this. The sculptural art of seats is not the only element which is responsible for humor.

This space was also designed by Jonathan Adler

humorous interior design chairs Hadvoll from brass

The living patterns of works of art and of the Chair will contribute to playfulness.

The surface with comics below is a creation of the company Aeffe. They require much attention.

The same is true for the bears behind it

humorous interior design cartoon film patterns chairs

Do you know the nostalgic furniture and accessories of company Jellio? This will show a large selection – Bowl, which look like faces, or lamps, which are equipped as Gummi Bears.

One remembers that lovely childhood

humorous interior design cupcakes stool

Playful details

Now, we turn to the details… You could complete the facilities with a few amusing details. Here, too, Jonathan has to offer Eagle. Would a gold-plated coin at a level bed invade who otherwise?

Who else would a bright, orange giraffe on the surface of a Saarinen motorized bring?

humorous interior design oversized coin as wall decoration

Below is still a table belonging to the same designer. It’s called “Barby favorite Malibu dream space”. Here you can see the reason clearly. In addition to the vibrant colors, is also with silver stools do poodles in pink and expansive tufts of white feathers. Should I count on?

You can even experience the magic

humorous interior design oval final stool

Do you want something perfect for the techie in your life? You can press CTRL-ALT-DEL on the pillow. Thanks to the company FourEyesHandmade, this shortcut can adorn your sofa.

Do you like this modern simplicity?

humorous interior design PC keyboard shortcut pillow

Now we come to a kitchen, which is filled with modern details. Even more surprising is the fact that these details are in the kitchen, instead of in the living room. If you would look closely, would see a bust in glue and recognize a skateboard. You have to just watch. You find a rather interesting sphere? Photo by Heather Merenda

Do you have gelachtt during the viewing of the images? Then, reading has simply paid, or? Now you have the chance to provide for more laughter in your home alone!

humorous interior design tree trunk barstools

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